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Outrigger Paddling in Singapore

Posted on | February 22, 2010 | No Comments

My newest love is paddling!  I love, love, love it.  After a long week at work there is nothing I look forward to more than hitting the water to paddle on the weekend. 

Since buy medications moving to Singapore I initially joined the Aussie Dragon Boat Paddling team and hardly miss a session every weekend with them and after a few months I was introduced to Outrigger paddling down at Sentosa Island. 

I find outrigger much more enjoyable – it’s great to be out in the ocean, it’s exciting, riding the waves is awesome fun, it’s relaxing to be in the ocean and by the beach, the team are a fantastic group of people & of course it’s a great workout.

Searching for the exact benefits of outrigger are hard to come by but I did find some information that if you paddle over 5.9mph (vigorously / competition pace) you can burn up to 680 calories per hour.  I’m happy with that.

So considering we go out for about 1.5 hrs each sesssion (minus the small drink breaks) – I’m happy to claim that at each session I use up a minimum of 680 calories.  High 5! It works out we paddle 12+ kilometres each session which is amazing to think I can’t run 12 kilometres but can happily paddle that distance!  (That’s a lie – I’ve never tried to run 12 kms so I’m sure I could if I really wanted to)

FISHAnd… each session is completely different.  Wind conditions, current and tides are never the same.  And  you never, never know what’s going to happen.  For example – on Saturday one of the men came back with a fish!  They hit this big guy on the head as they were paddling & ended bringing it back in the boat!  I don’t think it was too healthy – as what fish in their right mind wouldn’t swim out of the way of a canoe?  So it only came back as proof it happened rather than to get put on a plate.  Makes for a good fishing story to be added to my collection of mishaps whilst boating.

I’m a big believer in team / group sports breaking the boredom of exercise.  I believe meeting friends to play sport spurs on your motivation and commitment to stay healthy and happy!

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