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Paddling at Sentosa

Posted on | January 25, 2010 | No Comments

Another great weekend of paddling at Sentosa for me!

I arrived to my Outrigger training on Sunday hoping for an easier session as I was feeling a little…. well let’s just say ‘fragile’ – but that hope was soon squashed when I found out we’d be taking the OC1’s out.   I was a little nervous immediately having never tried them before and I knew how easy they are to flip being so light-weight and if you lean out too far one way you’re a goner.

So first it was safety drills in the shallow bay – learning how to save ourselves, flip the OC back over and find a way to get up and on the seat again (let me tell you, getting up and on is not graceful) – then we started our mission paddling up and down the coast of Sentosa Island…

Basically the OC’s 1 quickly sort out your stroke technique – it means if your technique is terrible you’ll end up in the water. It was also really cool to steer and ride the waves.  There was a very hairy scary moment up the far end of the island – a huge boat came past and the wash from the boat was gigantic…. when you are sitting on a bit of floating plastic in the ocean, by yourself with only a wooden paddle  it feels like the Titanic is approaching you with waves 2 storeys high (exaggerating the facts of course)

So my score card was:  10 points for effort, 10 points for not falling off, 8 points for improved stroke technique, 5 points for speed (low score due to the zig-zagging driving) and 20 points for surviving the passing of the Titanic.

Ha……One last thing I just remembered – nothing to do with paddling (or health for that matter) but it was something I’d never seen before –  as I was walking to the boat sheds on the path I could hear this funny sounds – kinda like someone had a tiny hammer banging on something really fast – so I stopped and looked – I couldn’t believe it but this little squirrel was sitting on a branch eating a nut and was was absolutely smashing it!  It was eating so fast that I felt like I was watching it in fast forward on the TV – and eating so loud you could hear it over the top of all the construction, music and people in the area.  Go you squirrel, Go!

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