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Breast Cancer Awareness – The Long Ride from Singapore to Sweden

Posted on | May 28, 2014 | No Comments

From Singapore to Sweden on a motorbike

From Singapore to Sweden on a motorbike

Sometimes you come across people in your life than are doing more for mankind than entire continents put together.  Or at least it feels that way.

These 2 men are doing just that:  Dr. Mikael Hartman & Dr. Philip Lau

Sacrificing part of their lives promoting Breast Cancer Awareness and gathering knowledge as they travel from Singapore to Sweden on a motorcycle.

I’ve been following their journey for the past few months – on facebook, their website, blog entries ……    At first I thought this an almost impossible journey… but I think they will prove me wrong.

Please take a read:


There are more breast cancer deaths in Asia than in Europe and the US. Many differences exist between Asia and the West –  in terms of resources, cultural barriers and a large rural population. What works in the West may not work in Asia.

Join us, Philip and Mikael, on The Long Ride as we journey 23,000km across 17 countries on our trusty motorcycles from Singapore to Sweden to:

+ Raise awareness about breast cancer to the people we meet
+ Find out what problems they face in treating and reducing deaths from breast cancer
+ Raise funds for Asian Breast Cancer Research Fund
+ Find the “Face of Breast Cancer in Asia”

We have gathered collaborators from Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Turkey, the ‘Stans’, Denmark and Sweden and will be making stops there. Follow us on our journey with live updates of what’s happening on The Long Ride!

– Philip, Mikael & the Team


THE LONG RIDE WEBSITE LINK:     (Please click on this link)


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