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Calories in Drinks

Posted on | August 15, 2012 | No Comments

The true fact is the only fluid that we need to drink to keep us alive is water.  Anything else is taken out of habit, addiction or to provide the body with some type of satisfaction (sugar, bubbles etc)

Drinks other than water are a hidden source of calories and sugar.  As shown in the picture above, you can very easily drink your daily energy requirements in sweet sugary and milky drinks.   The easiest way to cut calories, lose weight and improve your health is to watch your fluid intake.

When clients come to see me for weight loss tips – in the first week I start with one small goal:  Change your drinking habits.  I want you to:

  1. Replace all sugary drinks with sugar-free alternatives
  2. Reduce all your normal drinks by half (ie.  If you have 2 full-cream lattes each day, reduce it to 1 only; if you have 4 glasses of wine during the week only have 2)
  3. Replace your fruit juice with water
  4. Reduce the sugar you add to drinks by half (ie. If you have 1 teaspoon of sugar with you tea, reduce down to half a teaspoon or none if you can)

Try the above for one week and see the great results.

Here are my recommendations for how to make healthier choices when choosing your drinks:

  • DRINK WATER – it has zero calories and is essential for the health and function of your body
  • Choose plain tea or black coffee
  • If you drink Milo / Ovaltine / Horlicks: Mix with hot water instead of milk
  • Use low fat milk in all of your drinks
  • Don’t add sugar to drinks
  • Reduce the fruit juice in your diet – or make them 50/50 (Ie: half juice, half water)
  • Choose sugar-free soda / softdrink
  • Have evaporated milk instead of condensed milk
  • Reduce the amount of alcohol you consume (try to enforce dry days during the week)

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