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Nutrition Info: Calories in Vietnamese Pho

Posted on | January 20, 2011 | No Comments

Pho Ga

Pho Ga

This is one of my favourite vietnamese meals! It’s fresh, the clear broth is delicious, it’s filling and you add fresh herbs, chilli and lime to flavour it.  Now I did try my best at the time, but I think I’m kidding myself if I tell you I know how to correctly pronounce this dish…….. it seems every part of Vietnam pronounced this differently and my Caucasian ears are just not tuned in to the different inflections – but my best advice is to pronounce the word “foreigner” and then try again cutting off the “reigner” and your left with a sound like “foh”.

Anyway – it consists of a clear broth that is typically prepared in the morning and sits bubbling away all day.  It comes served with rice noodles, mint, spring onions and you can choose chicken (Ga) or beef (Bo) and the other kinds of meat I didn’t really go near for reasons I won’t mention here.

The north of Vietnam is very cold around December and January so there is not better meal to fill you up and warm you at the same time.  I ate Pho every day (i’m not joking), I couldn’t get enough of it, and we found the further away from the street you got the less taste it had.

Of course, for the health and weight conscious this is a very healthy choice. A clear broth will always contain less calories and fat than a creamy broth – however do note that often the broth has had chickens cooked in it, from which the fat from the skin has boiled out.  Other than that, to really cut down on fat choose chicken over beef.  There is nothing other than fresh herbs & chilli to spice up this meal which of course adds little to no fat / calories.   Another good tip is to drink the broth first, leaving the noodles until last and stop eating when you are nearing full.

Here’s the nutrition information I could find – but of course this will change from person to person preparing it:

  • Portion:  1 ½ cups (1 medium bowl) of Chicken Pho
  • Energy: 474 Calories
  • Protein: 44 g
  • Carbs: 58 g
  • Fat: 6 g

As usual with all meals I always recommend: Eat slowly, put your utensils down between bites and stop eating when you feel 80% full because it’s better to waste it than to ‘waist’ it.  Enjoy!

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