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Improve your Core Strength: The Plank


Some of the most important muscles to keep in tip-top shape are those of your torso.  They have been popularly named “core” muscles as they are located in the centre of your body and play a core role in most biomechanical actions you do. Having strong core muscles keeps your back healthy, they hold your […]

Nutrition Information: Cendol


Cendol is a sweet, icy dessert found across most parts of Asia.  The very simple recipe consists of only five ingredients and can be purchased at road side vendors, hawkers, food courts, coffee shops and restaurants. It consists of a mound of shaved ice with green chewy pandan-flavoured cendol on top that resemble green worms, […]

Is Red Wine healthy for me?


I think one the best rumours to be circulated in the last 20 years is that red wine is actually good for you.  Let’s find out if this is a rumour or a trumour? Lower Your Cholesterol Alcohol also can have a very powerful effect and increase HDL “good” cholesterol by 20% if used moderately.  […]

Top 10 Finalist: Most Insightful Blog


I made it to the Top 10 finalists in the 2010 Singapore Blog Awards!!  The category is the MOST INSIGHTFUL BLOG and now I need your help. The judging takes place until June 30th and the winners are based on 70% judges vote and 30% public votes via their website.  (So that’s where you come […]

Inspirational Health Quotes

Some wonderful quotes from insightful people.  Be proactive about caring for your health.  Have a great weekend! “The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like and do what you’d rather not” –   Mark Twain “Every human being is the author of his own […]

Another Fad Diet: “The Calorie Restriction Diet”

Another ‘fad diet’ has made the headlines – adding to the South Beach, Atkins, Blood Group, Lemon Detox, Cabbage Soup Diet and the long list goes on and on. It’s called the ‘Calorie Restriction Diet’ and advocates that it can boost life expectancy to 120 years and beyond! The Calorie Restriction Diet bans wheat, dairy, […]



Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi !!! – Austcham Paddle Club Another awesome weekend of paddling cheap drugs completed!  It was the first ‘Gallops’ Dragon Boat race held to coincide with the Singapore Airlines International Cup horse race. The race was 200 metres held at Boat Quay and was action packed! They set the lanes […]

What is delayed muscle soreness?

This is dedicated to my Austcham Paddling team mates who do the Beefcake land training sessions and have very sore muscles after Monday!  Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness  a.k.a DOMS.  This is the post-exercise muscle pain you feel after exercising which is typically worse 2 – 3 days later.  DOMS occurs when you make your muscles […]

Will Waist-to-Height Ratio replace BMI?

Even though measuring a persons Body Mass Index (BMI) is endorsed by the World Health Organisation as an indicator of a persons health risks it’s well known that measuring BMI alone has some serious flaws.  It has been shown that if you are in an overweight BMI category then you increase your risk of developing […]

Nutrition Info: Char Kway Teow

Char kway teow is a favourite south east asian dish prepared in many variations depending on if you are in Singapore, Malaysia (Penang, Perak, Sarawak) or Indonesia where it’s known as Kwetiau Goreng. For me personally, it was the first Singapore hawker food that I tried – I even remember that I purchased it at […]

Vote for me – 2010 Singapore Blog Awards

My Health Guru blog has been nominated in the 2010 Singapore Blog Awards. I’d love your support by voting drugs online without prescription / rally for me in the BEST LIFESTYLE and also MOST INSIGHTFUL categories.  It will only take a few minutes to register and vote! Thanks !

The truth about Artificial Colours & Flavours

This is Coal Tar

Manufacturing food and drinks is at an all time high.  We are convenience junkies – we love pre-bottled, pre-packed instant meals, snacks and drinks and put total faith in food manufacturers producing great tasting and appealing foods.  MMMmmmm….. yummy……… most people skip the fresh produce aisle and head for the brightly coloured and sinful confectionary […]

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