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Nutrition Info: Calories in Lor Mee

Lor MeeLor Mee is a local Singapore dish inspired from Hokkien heritage. It consists of thick flat yellow noodles (lor mee) in a starchy broth of braised stock soup containing pork, fish cake, braised egg and slices of chinese five spices sausage.  It can be served with vinegar, minced garlic/ginger, chilli paste, half a boiled egg [...]

Nutrition Info: Calories in Takoyaki

Preparing TakoyakiTakoyaki is a traditional Japanese cuisine that literally translates to “fried octopus balls”. It is claimed that the dish originates from Osaka, Japan and through popularity has reached other parts of Asia and eventually found notoriety in Western cuisine. First a savory batter is made and poured into a specially crafted takoyaki pan that consists [...]

Nutrition Info: Roti Prata

Roti PrataRoti Prata is a popular Singaporean breakfast (and also snack). It is a flour based dough that is stretched and flipped to resemble a large pancake and then cooked over a flat grill. This dish originates from India and is also hugely popular across Malaysia with differing names such as “parata, parotha, roti chanai, roti [...]

Nutrition Info: Calories in Vietnamese Pho

Pho GaThis is one of my favourite vietnamese meals! It’s fresh, the clear broth is delicious, it’s filling and you add fresh herbs, chilli and lime to flavour it.  Now I did try my best at the time, but I think I’m kidding myself if I tell you I know how to correctly pronounce this dish…….. [...]

Know your portion sizes

Clenched fist = 1 cupIt’s time to get serious about portion size.  Many of us overestimate what portions are correct to eat for our body.  When we eat larger than needed – we become larger! More fat is stored, the scales get heavier, our clothes get tighter and it’s easier to suffer from health problems. We will start with [...]

Nutrition Info: Calories in Singapore Buns

Popular Breadtalk bunsBread based treats have well and truly infiltrated the Asian Palate.  It’s very common for western country folk to snack on buns and savoury pastries from outlets like your local bakery, brumby’s or bakers delight but up to 3 – 5 years ago, a bread bun treat would almost have been impossible to find easily [...]

San Fran Bans Happy Meals!

Happy Meal ToysSan Francisco, USA is taking a stand against rising childhood obesity rates by banning restaurants to give away toys with unhealthy meals. From December 2011, any meal that contains more than 602 calories  (2520 Kilojoules) with the food and drink combined will not be able to have a give away toy –also- if the meal [...]

Nutrition Info: Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori ChickenBeing Deepavali celebrations in Singapore this weekend I thought I’d take a look at a popular Indian Dish – Tandoori Chicken. Tandoor chicken is made by marinating chicken in a mixture of yoghurt, spices (tumeric, garlic, cumin, coriander, ginger, cardamom, cloves, black pepper, lemon juice, salt) and chilli powder (cayenne) that gives it a distinctive [...]

Nutrition Info: Calories in a Big Mac Meal

Large Big Mac MealLet’s get straight down to business on this one! Big Mac Burger Energy:  480 Calories Protein:  25 g Carbs: 35 g Fat: 26 g Large Fries Energy:  455 Calories Protein:  18 g Carbs: 83 g Fat: 5 g Coke (Large) Energy:  225 Calories Protein:  0 g Carbs: 55 g Fat: 0 g Total Damage in [...]

Nutrition Info: Bandung Drink

BandungHave you ever tried bandung? Not to be confused with the city in Indonesia called Bandung – I’m referring to the popular floral drink called Bandung?  Also known as ‘sirap bandung’ or ‘air bandung’ – it’s hard the miss the bright pink coloured drink. The popularity of this drink throughout Malaysia and Singapore started during [...]

Nutrition Info: Pork Floss

Pork FlossWhat is that fluffy stuff on the top of buns and pastries?  It’s a chinese delicacy known as floss!  Officially it’s called Rousong but more widely known as meat floss or pork floss that can be eaten on it’s own as a treat or used as a topping for congee, tofu, soy milk and as [...]

Nutrition Info: Pizza – What’s in your slice?

Pepperoni PizzaPizza is so ‘moreish’ – you can never just stop at one slice, you have to have more. But have you ever stopped to think how many calories you’re eating?? Traditionally, pizza in Italy is eaten with few topping.  It was originally served with a hand-tossed bread base, a delicious home-made tomato sauce, fresh …Read [...]

Nutrition Info: Green Papaya Salad

Green Papaya SaladI was recently asked by one of my readers to suggest some ‘nice salads’.  I’m probably going to shock you with this statement – but I think the word ‘salad’ needs to be retired – and replaced with a new and more interesting word that doesn’t immediately make people think: “Gross, salads… lettuce, tomato and [...]

How to read food labels: Part 2

Ingredients listOnce you’ve mastered reading the nutrition panel now it’s time to move on to the ingredients list which can also tell you alot about the product itself. Some things you may not know: All ingredients must be listed in decreasing order by weight, including added water. Therefore: First ingredient = Largest amount Last ingredient = [...]

How to read food labels – Part 1

Nutrition Panel With the endless pre-packaged food options these days – it’s so important that you understand how to read and understand what’s being put in your food. Here is some advice for how to read food labels. Practice at home from what’s in your cupboard and you’ll soon become an expert. 1. There are compulsory nutrients [...]

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    • Guest_3429 : This site has great amount of information about the macros and calories for local foods. I am a food lover and an active person as well. I'm currently gaining weight at 2700 calories a day since I'm bulking up slowly and steadily. This site has enabled me to hit my macronutrient targets and caloric targets for the day easily, if I was to eat out. Thank you so much!
    • pauline : hihi ty for posting all the useful tips. May I know how much calories does tom yam soup/tom yam soup with kway tiao contain? tyvm
    • Health Guru : @Guest_1856: Use the search box in my blog for "How to recognize food that's going to make you gain weight". It might help you.
    • Guest_1856 : How do I know the difference between a healthy dish and an unhealthy dish if the unhealthy dish appears healthy to me
    • Guest_3250 : Hi health guru, I'm craving for a Old Chang Kee Curry Puff, do u know the calories difference in its potato or sardine version?
    • Charith : This is a very useful blog. I even share this in my FB for others as well.. Thumbs up to Natalie..
    • Wrong macros on ho : You should review your nutrition info for horlicks. The ones sold at local supermarkets, aka 'Horlicks Original' contains 103cal,21Carb,0. 8Fat,2.5Protein for 1 tbsp only.
    • Guest_2557 : im looking forward to more articles from you!
    • LD : May i ask.. How many calories at koi black machiato sugar level 0 or 25percent?
    • Guest_2156 : Hi. Wat do u think of th intermittent fasting diets in vogue eg. 2day fast/5day unrestricted? Thx.
    • Cheryl : Hi! Can I ask if the calories for the sliced fish soup includes the soup?;) and how many calories are there in one bowl of rice served in hawker? ;)
    • Guest_1978 : hi! im looking forward to see new entries frm healthguru!
    • Health Guru : Hi Paige.. I didn't consume radioactive iodine. Pls email for details: healthgurusg<at>
    • Paige : Hello Health Guru. I know this is a personal question to ask but your under active thyroid, is that a result of consuming radioactive iodine or? I'm asking because I've been recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and after taking the meds given by a specialist from NUH. I've been gaining weight ever since and it's not like I overeat during my three main meals. Okay maybe I do like snacking. So I was wondering how can I go about to deal with this.
    • Guest_475 : Hi
    • Guest_4836 : Hi. I would like to know if you have a prefered list of dieticians that you refer people to. I am looking for about 5 options for a one on one assessment. thanks
    • Guest_4836 : HI,
    • Guest_2497 : Hi Health Guru, can you extimate how much calories are there in korean cruisins such as bibimbap. I went online to search and several sources states that it can go as high as 600 calories. How is that possible when the main ingrediants is just raw vegetables, a fried egg and chichken? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
    • Guest_3654 : Hi! Can you provide a rough idea how much calories are there in Ribbon Biscuits (fried Chinese snacks)?
    • Guest_143 : Hi Natalie! Could you possibly help find out the calories of a few good choices for some dining out restaurants? Like maybe marche, da paulo etc. Thanks! :)
    • Guest_1926 : Can u write up on the comparisons of various noodles.. Healthy vs non healthy types, tks
    • Guest_1603 : Hi may I know why your daily recommended calorie intake for woman is around 1200Kcal? I was watching a show called "supersize vs superskinny" and they conclude that the daily intake should be 2000Kcal
    • Guest_2739 : Hi, just wondering if anyone knows the amount of calories in our local fresh cream cakes, like those from prima deli?:)
    • Guest_3170 : Whats the nutrients facts for capsicum?
    • Guest_1898 : Hi Natelie, calories indicated here are in the unit of kcal correct?
    • Guest_3607 : And bakerzin as well if possible:)
    • Guest_3607 : Could you please help find out calories in the pizzas, cakes, pasta and salads from da paolo gastronomia? Tyvm!
    • Guest_3712 : Is sandwichor omelette from han's healthy?
    • Guest_4520 : as in calories:P
    • Guest_4520 : bengawan solo's sugee cookies please:)
    • anonymous : helloo please help find out calories in golf ball sized pineapple tarts and beancurd tarts from le cafe
    • Guest_2808 : Hi could you help to find out the calories in chinese new year green pea cookies and almond flake cookies? Thx!!
    • rebecca : its better to waste food than to 'waist' it?! are you kidding me.
    • vinod t v : rice enqury
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    • Cheryl : Hey :) could you do up a post on healthy steamboat dishes? And he calories of common steamboat dishes such as shrimps,scallops ,etc? Thanks!!
    • Guest_3792 : Thank you for the info on Bah Kut Teh! I found it very helpful.
    • Guest_4423 : One word for subway, AWESOME!
    • Guest_2739 : hey! i want to ask if we should eat breakfast if we dont feel hungry in the morning?
    • ZhongaiAnn : Hi, I'm really a subway lover, what do you think of their food? They seems really healthy with low calories... Thank you!
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