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Happy Hari Raya Haji – I’m off to Penang

Yes, I’m braving the mass exodus out of Singapore for the long weekend.  Luckily for me I don’t have to contend with the rest of Singapore fighting to get across the Tuas Checkpoint – I’m letting Tiger Airways do all the hard work for me. I am however battling a Health Guru personal challenge.   [...]

Watch The Sauce – Ranch Dressing

I’m still containing myself from my lunch mistake today….. breath in…. breath out….. 2 tablespoon of Ranch Dressing has 148 calories. I would have preferred to spend those calories somewhere else – I could have eaten 3 apples for that amount!! Not to mention being loaded with saturated and  trans fat…. I can almost feel [...]

It’s better to waste it than to ‘waist’ it

I heard a fantastic saying yesterday:  It’s better to waste it than to ‘waist’ it This remains the biggest challenge I face.  I hate to waste food.  I always admire those that can leave the most delicious food on their plate simply because they are ‘just right’ I blame this on my mother!  (sorry ma [...]

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    • Cheryl : hi there, could you provide more information on the calories for some common snacks in singapore? like those in bakeries and so on. thank you!
    • Bellalin : I have been gaining on lots of weights since my 2nd boy was born. From 50kg to now 70kg. Been doing aerobic workout 5x a wk n I don't snack but still I m putting on weights slowly but surely. Now I just started on pills n counting calories to see if it helping. Any other advices as to how I can loose weight fast cause I look terrible now
    • music : very great site «link» free music downloads .
    • Alf : Hi there, is it possible to do a calorie test on subway?
    • Guest_1813 : Hi,I've gained almost 10kg in less than 6 mths...I m gonna start to diet and get back my previous weight. I off work very late everynite. If I take only a cup of Milo added with Quaker oats, is that ok or it is too sweet for a late dinner?
    • yv : In your post on boiled egg calories, you mentioned taking 2 hard boiled eggs everyday, Will that be too much for cholesterol?
    • shawna : ive lost close to 10kg now after almost 4 months of clean eating (with some cheats inbetween) and im looking at losing the last 5kg. ive been stuck at 51kg for a month now.. any ways? please help! :)
    • Guest_3429 : This site has great amount of information about the macros and calories for local foods. I am a food lover and an active person as well. I'm currently gaining weight at 2700 calories a day since I'm bulking up slowly and steadily. This site has enabled me to hit my macronutrient targets and caloric targets for the day easily, if I was to eat out. Thank you so much!
    • pauline : hihi ty for posting all the useful tips. May I know how much calories does tom yam soup/tom yam soup with kway tiao contain? tyvm
    • Health Guru : @Guest_1856: Use the search box in my blog for "How to recognize food that's going to make you gain weight". It might help you.
    • Guest_1856 : How do I know the difference between a healthy dish and an unhealthy dish if the unhealthy dish appears healthy to me
    • Guest_3250 : Hi health guru, I'm craving for a Old Chang Kee Curry Puff, do u know the calories difference in its potato or sardine version?
    • Charith : This is a very useful blog. I even share this in my FB for others as well.. Thumbs up to Natalie..
    • Wrong macros on ho : You should review your nutrition info for horlicks. The ones sold at local supermarkets, aka 'Horlicks Original' contains 103cal,21Carb,0. 8Fat,2.5Protein for 1 tbsp only.
    • Guest_2557 : im looking forward to more articles from you!
    • LD : May i ask.. How many calories at koi black machiato sugar level 0 or 25percent?
    • Guest_2156 : Hi. Wat do u think of th intermittent fasting diets in vogue eg. 2day fast/5day unrestricted? Thx.
    • Cheryl : Hi! Can I ask if the calories for the sliced fish soup includes the soup?;) and how many calories are there in one bowl of rice served in hawker? ;)
    • Guest_1978 : hi! im looking forward to see new entries frm healthguru!
    • Health Guru : Hi Paige.. I didn't consume radioactive iodine. Pls email for details: healthgurusg<at>
    • Paige : Hello Health Guru. I know this is a personal question to ask but your under active thyroid, is that a result of consuming radioactive iodine or? I'm asking because I've been recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and after taking the meds given by a specialist from NUH. I've been gaining weight ever since and it's not like I overeat during my three main meals. Okay maybe I do like snacking. So I was wondering how can I go about to deal with this.
    • Guest_475 : Hi
    • Guest_4836 : Hi. I would like to know if you have a prefered list of dieticians that you refer people to. I am looking for about 5 options for a one on one assessment. thanks
    • Guest_4836 : HI,
    • Guest_2497 : Hi Health Guru, can you extimate how much calories are there in korean cruisins such as bibimbap. I went online to search and several sources states that it can go as high as 600 calories. How is that possible when the main ingrediants is just raw vegetables, a fried egg and chichken? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
    • Guest_3654 : Hi! Can you provide a rough idea how much calories are there in Ribbon Biscuits (fried Chinese snacks)?
    • Guest_143 : Hi Natalie! Could you possibly help find out the calories of a few good choices for some dining out restaurants? Like maybe marche, da paulo etc. Thanks! :)
    • Guest_1926 : Can u write up on the comparisons of various noodles.. Healthy vs non healthy types, tks
    • Guest_1603 : Hi may I know why your daily recommended calorie intake for woman is around 1200Kcal? I was watching a show called "supersize vs superskinny" and they conclude that the daily intake should be 2000Kcal
    • Guest_2739 : Hi, just wondering if anyone knows the amount of calories in our local fresh cream cakes, like those from prima deli?:)
    • Guest_3170 : Whats the nutrients facts for capsicum?
    • Guest_1898 : Hi Natelie, calories indicated here are in the unit of kcal correct?
    • Guest_3607 : And bakerzin as well if possible:)
    • Guest_3607 : Could you please help find out calories in the pizzas, cakes, pasta and salads from da paolo gastronomia? Tyvm!
    • Guest_3712 : Is sandwichor omelette from han's healthy?
    • Guest_4520 : as in calories:P
    • Guest_4520 : bengawan solo's sugee cookies please:)
    • anonymous : helloo please help find out calories in golf ball sized pineapple tarts and beancurd tarts from le cafe
    • Guest_2808 : Hi could you help to find out the calories in chinese new year green pea cookies and almond flake cookies? Thx!!
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