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The Party Walk

Posted on | November 5, 2009 | No Comments

I hear from my clients at least daily “I don’t have time to exercise.  I just can’t fit it in around work and family life”

My response:  “You don’t have time for your health and body NOT to exercise”

So I share with them my daily exercise regime in order to inspire them.

I firmly believe that if you’re not having fun when you exercise – then you’re doing the wrong type of exercise with the wrong people.  Exercise should not be a chore or an obstacle in your day, you should see it as a benefit to your health & body, motivating, enjoyable, stress relieving and something to look forward to.

Since moving to Singapore and initially having no friends, I used to escape my boredom in the evenings by walking around the happening night spots around town. This became really fun because you can see everything that’s going on, walk past all the restaurants, clubs, bars, cafes, and events – so it actually feels like you’re right there enjoying the fun and shenanigans.  But really, you’re just out enjoying an evening stroll and burning off calories.  Honestly, you are completely distracted by the people, music, noise, lights, buskers in the tunnels, laughter, conversations, trying not to bump in to the super slow walkers, dodging drunk people, avoiding stumbling on a paver then before you know it you’ve walked for over an hour.  It’s honestly too easy.  One hour of walking for me burns off about 300 calories!

I used to go on my own every night, but since sharing my story with a number of friends have managed to pick up a few other eager and willing girls to join the fun.  From here on in, it shall now be referred to as THE PARTY WALK!

The party walk begins near Fort Canning down into Clarke Quay, past all the bars & clubs towards the Bungee (this is always good for a laugh on the party walk), down the river towards my favourite gorgeous white bridge near The Fullerton Hotel that we cross over, then along the Boat Quay side of the river.

–Pause in story-   Boat Quay pubs Penny Black, Harry’s and BBQ Bar are always over flowing with expat patrons and this section always needs extra careful maneuvering to avoid being drenched in beer, wine, crashing in to a waiter delivering food or one of those relentless hosts that nearly tackle you to eat in their restaurants.

–Resume Story-  Walk up Boat Quay past the shall we say colourful collection of businesses and patrons, past Central, past Jumbo, Iguanas, Brewerkz and Wine Garage and keep following the path past the motorised Kites that are always flying up to the brightly coloured bridge at Robertson Quay (I’ve nicknamed this the Ken Done bridge after an Australian artist that used to paint abstract shapes with bright colours).  We then cross over the Ken Done Bridge walking up Mohammed Sultan Road dodging cars to cross over River Valley Road and back towards home.

Ask me anything!  I can tell you all the meal and drink specials, where all the expats hang out and which nights are more popular, the best music places, places that have opened, closed down, I know all the jokes from the Crazy Elephant Bar, which restaurants have the biggest crabs at Boat Quay and I’m sure pretty soon we’ll have a following of pigeons and cats as pets.

When I get home I feel so happy, relaxed and always have a smile on my face thinking about the things I’ve uncovered over the last hour.  Not to mention so proud that a lazy night on the couch has been replaced with a fun calorie burning activity.

So, like I said at the start.  You don’t have time not to exercise – and it’s so easy to introduce a party walk into your life.  Find something fun to look at and distract yourself.  Singapore is one of the safest cities to walk around and there is always plenty to see and explore.   Why not organize a group of workmates for a party walk after work and reap the health benefits of that additional hour of activity.  So stop making excuses because if I can do it, so can you.

Let me know about your success with your own party walks.  Infact, drop me a line with your route and we’ll start a collection of party walks around Singapore so there are no excuses for anyone!

Disclaimer:  My friend K came up with the Party Walk name!  Have to give her credit for that one.  I was previously calling it just ‘the walk’ and then later the Bridge to Bridge…… but Party Walk sums it up quite nicely don’t you think!!

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