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Another Fad Diet: “The Calorie Restriction Diet”

Posted on | May 19, 2010 | No Comments

Another ‘fad diet’ has made the headlines – adding to the South Beach, Atkins, Blood Group, Lemon Detox, Cabbage Soup Diet and the long list goes on and on.

It’s called the ‘Calorie Restriction Diet’ and advocates that it can boost life expectancy to 120 years and beyond!

The Calorie Restriction Diet bans wheat, dairy, sugar, meat, tap water and is based mainly around fish, nuts, vegetables and not much else. In addition to the restricted food sources, you are not allow to use ‘extreme heat’ to cook food —  it must be eaten raw or lightly steamed.  Additional nutrient supplements must be taken as well as doing regular exercise. 

The diet has been created based on the experience of a scientist that participated in a live study where 8 bioscientists were sealed in a biosphere from 1991-3 and had to survive only on the food they could grow.  During this time their food source diminished and they managed to survive on 1500 calories per day.

This diet also claims to reduce blood glucose and insulin levels, reduce body fat, lower growth stimulator levels, prevent cell loss and decrease inflammation.

My personal opinion is that some of the theories in this ‘diet’ have merit and others are just plain ridiculous. 

Yes – restricting calories and staying in a healthy weight range has been shown to lengthen life expectancy because being overweight is directly linked to severe health problems.   Yes – I agree that eating mainly protein will reduce blood glucose, insulin levels, body fat, growth stimulator levels, inflammation and prevent cell loss – but that can be achieved by simply lowering cheap Ampicillin carbohydrate and fat levels taken in daily without severely cutting out major food groups.

I find the diet extremely restrictive, inconvenient to do and perhaps even boring just thinking about it – and as with all fad diets you would be unable to continue them for any length of time which leads to rebound weight gain.

As for proof that this restrictive diet would allow you to live until 120+… well I’m sure no-one has proven that yet! And the question is, would you stop eating everything except steamed or raw fish, vegetables and nuts to try?

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