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Answers to things my readers have asked…

Posted on | October 17, 2011 | No Comments

On the right hand side of my blog page there is a ‘Shoutbox’ where readers can comment / ask questions / say mean things to me / accuse me of miscalculating food nutrition / tell me they love me etc etc.  I can’t find a way to respond directly each time.  So I’ve copied all the questions and answered them directly in this blog entry.. So if you have asked me a question or left me a comment – here are your answers……

Shoutbox Question: Assuming waffle is 7inches, do that equal 60g?  Any many calories in a 7 inch waffle?

I have to take an educated guess (because I really don’t know what ingredients have gone into the waffle, which is the most important thing to know when you analyse food) So therefore, I guesstimate that a 7 inch waffle will be approximately 120g.  Therefore, you can multiply the information in my blog by 2.  Therefore, I am guessing as I have no idea about ingredients, how it was cooked, how much oil/butter/milk, what toppings went on etc etc… that a 7 inch waffle has approximately 284 calories in it.  But to give the most accurate information I would need you to find out the recipe, how it was cooked and the exact weight for a better guide to this answer.

Shoutbox Question:  Health Guru! I love u!

Thanks!! I hope you enjoy my blog, thanks for reading.

Shoubtox Question:  Do you know what kind of fish they usually sell at the fish-soup stall?  Because i’m pregnant now, so have to avoid some types of fish (like King Mackerel)

Eek! I really have no idea.  Let me go and ask some stalls what the use and get back to you…

Shoutbox Question:  HI guru, mind sharing the nutritional calculator you use to calculate for all the food posted?  I’m trying to calculate my daily energy intake but there’s a difference in number from what I see in various website.

Yes…  I measure (or if that fails estimate) the total weight of the food product. I then calculate the weight of the protein, carbohydrate and fat.  I do keep it simple… I don’t account for fibre, sodium etc as that often takes laboratory analysis which I just can’t do.

I often get people challenge my advice and ask how come my calorie/nutrition profiles are different to what they calculate.  When I give my advice I give it on the portion of food that I have infront of me. I may have more vegetables in my meal or the portion may be bigger… that is why there are always differences in numbers.  Finally… I give the weight in grams for protein, carbs and fat.  If you multiply each of those by 4, 4 and 9 respectively and it doesn’t total the amount of calories i’ve mention – consider  that the vegetables inside or the flavoured broth contains calories also and i’ve added more because of that.

To calculate your own. there are also websites that you can look up and enter each individual weight of ingredients in food and that will estimate the nutrition profile. (There are heaps of different sites to choose from)

Shoutbox Question:  What is Cheap Cialis? Am considering to attempt Oyster Mee Suah

Cheap Cialis is spam! I don’t know how to stop it… I have some random spam bug going through all my blog posts and putting links to buy drugs on-line! I am so sorry. So just for the record, if your read a story with a highlighted link to Viagra or prescription drugs on-line without a script……please don’t click on them.  I’ve been trying to delete them, but they just keep coming back.

Shoutbox Question: Hey Health guru.  Is there a safe fruit I can take if I feel hungry.  Fruit that I can keep taking without worry?

I assume when you say ‘safe fruit’ you mean a fruit that you can eat guilt free without worrying about putting on weight.  Sure, there are better options out there but at the end of the day all fruit contains calories. You should limit to 2 serves per day ideally.  But try eating apples, oranges, berries, papaya, rockmelon to consume about 60 calories per serve (approx 1 cup).  I will do a post of calories in fruit soon.

Shoutbox Question: Thanks for the info

No problems, thanks!

Shoutbox Question:  What about HFCS? Why didn’t include that

HFCS = High fructose corn syrup.  This was related to my nutrition information about moon cakes.   There is a big debate now that HFCS is causing higher incidences of obesity as it used so often in manufacturing now.  What’s the debate: Fructose is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract by a different mechanism than that for glucose. Glucose stimulates insulin release from the isolated pancreas, but fructose does not. Fructose is metabolized primarily in the liver.  They argument is that this can cause excessive damage to liver, perhaps even leading to fatty liver.

I didn’t mention HFCS in my mooncake blog as often when you go to buy a mooncake, it doesn’t come in a packet with ingredients listed – so therefore if may or may not infact contain it. But yes… HFCS is a growing concern amongst the health industry.

Shoutbox Question:  Hi, my friend wants to enroll in bachelors of exercise and sports science from edith cowan university. Can he work as exercise physiologist here? Where can she work?

Actually, the degree is not yet recognized in Singapore and to my knowledge most other asian countries. It’s more of an American / Australian recognized degree. That means that a) work options are limited and b) it won’t mean an increase in salary compared to someone that isn’t as educated as a degree holder.  I also find that remuneration in general for this science degree is quite poor in Singapore.   At the present moment Australian uni’s are really promoting this as a great degree to study, but unfortunately the job options are just not there to satisfy the amount of people studying in this field.  I would ask anyone to consider this and back up your options by doing a marketing / business degree as a backup plan.

Shoutbox Question:  Hey, Do you have any recommendations for 100% wholegrain breads/tortilla?

No…   I don’t but I’ll do some research.  I don’t normally eat 100% wholegrain food items, but give me some to find the correct answers and I’ll get back to you.

Shoutbox Question:  Why are you not updating anymore?

Whoops… I know …. I’ve been a little bit neglectful lately.  But I am trying to dedicate more time to blogging. I have recently changed jobs and life outside of work hours is also more demanding, therefore I just haven’t had the chance to sit down and write like I used to.

Shoutbox Question: Is it possible to do the analysis on gong cha toppings calories? Bubble tea has become a daily affair for many people in Singapore

I did actually already do a bubble tea analysis.  If you type in Bubble tea in the search box you should find it easily.

Shoutbox Question:  Chicken rice

Yes… Chicken Rice.  I’m not sure what this request is about.  But if you type in Chicken rice in the search box you should find all you need to know.

Shoutbox Question:  Wow you are a god send! So few resources on the breakdown of local foods.

Thanks.  I agree… which is actually why I started writing this blog.  To reach out and help people understand what they are eating in Singapore and how to make it healthier.

Shoutbox Question:  I’m impressed with the information you provide here. Great work!


Shoutbox Question:  Hi, love the post on Mr Bean’s products. I would really appreciate if you may do one on Jolibean? Especially their pancakes.

Aarrrggghhhhh…. that took me weeks of research – to be really honest, the drinks and pancakes will almost be the same as Mr Bean. I doubt i’ll find too much difference. I hope to do a blog in the near future, but it’s probably not going to be soon.

Shoutbox Question:  Congrats on Hamilton again Nat – and I LOVE LOVE LOVE thunder tea rice! Waiting for your blog about SGDB race.

THANKS!!  I do love my outrigging and dragon boating.

Shoutbox Question:  The calorie information thunder tea rice seems different from mens health estimation.

Men’s health said: Per Serving: 480 calories, 66g of carbohydrate, 18g of protein, 18g of fat, 11g of fibre, 45mg of sodium.  My blog post said 430 calories, 12g protein, 42g carbs, 10g fat. So I guess that my serve was smaller than what men’s health reported.  I think that makes sense doesn’t it.  To be honest…  50 calories is not a big fluctuation. That’s about ¼ cup extra of rice in the mens health post.  That’s the thing about food that is not pre-packed, you can’t control the portion sizes and each serve and ingredients will be different.  Always assume that a calorie estimation could well me +/- 100 calories.

Shoutbox Question: Really useful information, thanks!

Thanks… thanks for reading and commenting.

Shoutbox Question: Can you please tell me what nutrition do plain porridge have?

Without knowing what brand – and also assuming that when you say ‘plain’ porridge it’s made with water and not milk, then I estimate that per 1 cup serving there is 150 calories.  8.4g protein, 23.3 g carbs, 2g fat.  If you’ve added milk or anything other than water it will be more than this.

Shoutbox Question:  …. is green chilli soaked in vinegar found in hawker centres healthy? Or high in calories?

It’s quite a good way to flavour food with very little calories. Vinegar has only got approximately 3 calories per tablespoon and chilli is also low. Therefore, adding fresh chilli and vinegar is fine.

Shoutbox Question:  Can you please write about the calories in rose apples?  I found some on the the internet but they are really confusing!!  Are rose apples healthier than apples?

Rose apples have about 25 calories each.  Apples have about 60 calories each.  They are a different fruit altogether.  I will post photos of each and show the difference.

Shoutbox Question:  Hi, Nat, could you please explain more about the indication of high metabolism? And what diet, workout and other key factors can help to boost metabolism?  How can I know if my metabolism is improving than before or not? Thanks!

I’ll do a post on metabolism asap.  Thanks!


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