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Febfast – Pause for a cause

Posted on | February 1, 2012 | No Comments

Today marks the 1st Day of February and Day 1 of FEBFAST.

What is FEBFAST?

Incase you're wondering: Grog = Alcohol (Aussie slang!!)

Incase you're wondering: Grog = Alcohol (Aussie slang!!)

Febfast is an initiative to raise awareness for those with alcohol and drug problems.  The idea is that for the month of February, you give up drinking alcohol.

For further information you can take a look at the website:

It’s great to see that people are raising money and promoting such a good cause.  So why not join in!

Even though this year I haven’t officially registered, I’m going to take part.  For the next 29 days I’m not going to drink any alcohol.  I must admit, it’s going to be a challenge.  It’s very easy to adapt to having a glass of wine with dinner, a beer after paddling on the weekend, meeting friends for drinks …. but it’s all just a habit really.  So this month, I’m going to break the habit and hopefully reap the rewards.

I’ve also decided I’m going to blog about alcohol (the good, the bad and the ugly) for the entire month of February. I think we all too often consume alcohol without understanding the impact it has on us, those around us, our body and our health. So hopefully by 1st March we’ll all be healthy, wealthy and wiser about alcohol.

So, if you’re up to the challenge to support a great cause, why not give up the booze too!

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