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Gym Etiquette… How to not be annoying at the gym

Posted on | January 16, 2012 | 2 Comments


GYM ETIQUETTE.  This is a story about what everyone wants to tell you, but really can’t because they might offend you.  So take a read and I hope you’re not one of the people I’m referring to! (if you are… it’s not too late to change)

There truly is nothing more annoying than ‘that person’ at the gym. So be mindful of your manners in the gym with the following tips:

Don’t hog the benches

  • Do not, I repeat….. DO NOT put your towel on a bench and proceed to mind it for yourself while people line up waiting for a bench.
  • Do not, I repeat…… DO NOT put your towel on a bench then walk away to the machines and use them, returning 5 minutes later to your bench. If you are reading this and it sounds like you… you are really rude.

Unstack your own weights

  • If you put it on, take it off.
  • If someone leaves weights on and walks away, say something
  • The gym trainers are not employed to be your maids. They are there to provide advice and training tips, not to clean up after you.  If you want someone to stack & un-stack your weights for you pay for a personal trainer.

Learn how to share (weights and benches)

  • Be considerate, ask if someone wants to SHARE a bench.  When they are resting you get in and do your set. It works really well and saves heaps of time
  • Machines: Just ask to share. As above, you do your own thing and swap during rest time.
  • WORD OF WARNING… if you are sharing a machine / bench – don’t be precious.  Do your set and get up.  No need to admire your reflection in the mirror.

Use a towel

  • If you don’t sweat, assume the person before you has. Use a towel to protect yourself from unwanted germs.

Wipe down your machine if you’re sweaty

  • Gross… Who wants to see and smell your sweat. Ewwww

Time limits on cardio machines

  • There are only so many cardio machines that can fit in a gym, hence the time limit so that everyone gets their fair share. So be mindful of time limits

Use deodorant and don’t wear your smelly gym clothes day after day

  • This should go without saying… but it doesn’t.  Dont’ be smelly. It’s offensive.  And, if you don’t think you smell, just to be on the safe side wear newly washed clothes every day.

Shiny lycra bikepants and other lycra clothing retired in the 80’s

  • I’m sorry, but I just don’t want to see it.
  • And men… not wearing underwear in any form of bikepants (lycra or other) is disgustingly wrong. Do you realize that we can make out every lump and bump (or lack there of) of your manhood?  I’m just wondering if you know that?

Texting at the gym? Really?

  • If you have time to text you’re not working hard enough. If you’re doing light weights you should be taking 30-60 seconds rest between sets (not 3-4 minutes).  If you’re doing heavy weights longer rest is acceptable.

Shower quickly.

  • I will forever be unsure about what’s going on in there to take people so long….. but just as a quick guide:  Whatever you’re doing, please do it quickly.

Being quite serious about this topic  – there seems to be a whole generation of gym-goers that is missing gym etiquette.  (Especially at new bright, flash gyms)  There are gyms out there where you wouldn’t dare leave your weights on the machines – not only would you have the gym staff at you, other gym members who have to clean up after you would be breathing down your neck. It’s not that hard.  You put it on, you take it off.  Consider it part of your training.

Below is not really etiquette, but some other annoyances that are worth mentioning:

- Leg Press machine.  Don’t put 400kg on the leg press like you’re he-man and then do a one-quarter range of movement leg press twice. Go lighter and do it properly.

- Have a go! To get results you have to push yourself.  You have to increase your weights and every 6-8 weeks change your routine.


2 Responses to “Gym Etiquette… How to not be annoying at the gym”

  1. Shuyi000
    January 16th, 2012 @ 8:36 am

    Addition to the list:
    1. Group of friends playing around in the gym!
    2.Grunting loudly..!
    3.Curling in the PowerCage/ squat rack!

  2. Health Guru
    January 18th, 2012 @ 9:10 am

    hahhaha….. yes I agree …… and dropping your weights loudly! The list goes on and on.

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