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How to avoid getting a cold and improve your immunity

Posted on | February 25, 2010 | No Comments


A solution for the never ending runny nose!

It seems that everyone is coughing and sneezing in Singapore right now and it’s inevitable that as soon as one person in the office has it – then everyone gets it.

Seeing as the common cold virus has up to 200 strains that are constantly changing and developing it makes it almost impossible for the human body to build up immunity to them which explains why it’s spread so easily.  The common cold virus cultivates mainly in the nose and can be transmitted in airborne secretions – so of course any time you cough, sneeze, blow or touch your nose your fingers will then carry the virus and spread it around.  God forbid if you are “one of those” that don’t cover your face when you sneeze you’re guilty of spreading your germs even further than what your fingers can reach.     

Tips on how to avoid colds include:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water frequently throughout the day
  • Avoid touching your nose and avoid contaminated surfaces.
  • Avoid people with colds, especially the first 3 days which is the highest concentration of the virus. 

And of course there are tips you can use to improve your immunity and reduce the risk of getting a cold:

  • Keep your body healthy by avoiding stressful situations
  •  Sleep 8 hours each night
  • Eat healthy – lots of vegetables & protein – minimal fat
  • Taking vitamins that will support the immune system  such as Vitamin C and Zinc.

Finally if you already have a cold the best treatment is to let it run its course. All you can do is get plenty of rest, drink lots of water, take over-the-counter cold medicines for the symptoms and try taking garlic, zinc (supplements and lozenges) and ginger to help relieve the symptoms and make you feel better.  And at all times try to keep the cold to yourself.  Cover your mouth when you sneeze or blow your nose and wash your hands immediately!

Remember, if symptoms are severe, you should seek medical advice asap.


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