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I have a problem with bad personal trainers

Posted on | December 9, 2011 | No Comments

I have a really big problem with BAD PERSONAL TRAINERS at the gym.

Now… it’s important to point out that I AM A QUALIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER so I know what I’m talking about.  I could estimate that I have conducted thousands of personal training sessions and I also have also participated in hundreds of sessions personally, so therefore, I’m not just “having a whinge” I’m giving feedback.

These are the things I cannot stand:

1.  Don’t stand a metre away from the client and count repetitions

This is a special message for every trainer out there.  NO SHIT we know you can count to 10. I guarantee that your client is counting as they should be challenged and want to stop.  Trainers, please count in your head. Say constructive prompts and correct technique rather than counting.  Do you really think your client wants to pay you $60 – $120 per session to hear you count to 10.  It’s really stupid and very annoying.

2.  Trainers that text on their handphone during a session

The whole idea is that you provide “personal” training. Not text to your friends and train clients in between.

3.  Trainers that look half asleep and unmotivated during the session.

4.  Trainers that assume because you’re a girl you want to lift small weights.

I did a session not so long ago and my 22 year old male trainer looked shocked that my physical goal was to do 5 chin ups. He said “why does a girl want to do chin ups”.

5.  Trainers that assume because you’re a girl they have to take it easy on you.

6.  Trainers that don’t correct technique during your session

7.  Trainers that look unfit

Sorry, but there has to be some element of envy.  Your client should want to look like you, or at least be motivated to follow your amazing lead in your attitude towards fitness and health.

8.  Trainers that don’t have goals for you, and come to the session unprepared

9.  Trainers that don’t come up with original training plans

If you are a personal trainer and you repeat the same session with multiple clients, you need to think about catering to your clients goals and abilities.  No two people are the same, therefore there should be no one size fits all programs.  Also, you should be trying to provide exercise combinations or equipment that makes you stand out from the rest.  If you are trainer and you simply use the machines and free weights at the gym, don’t you think your client will eventually just be able to do it on their own? Don’t be boring. Be original and fun, your clients will love it.

What you should be looking for in a Personal Trainer.

You want a trainer to push you.  To challenge you.  You need to feel that after each session it has been amazingly worthwhile, your money has been well spent, and you couldn’t have done that session on your own.  You should know that your trainer is 100% on your side and wants you to succeed in your goals.  You should experience improvements such as weight loss, weight gain, muscles mass gain, improved strength, improved flexibility (whatever your goals are).  You should feel that your personal trainer is in your zone for the full session.

A finally, a special message for all of those currently participating in sessions with a personal fitness trainer!

This person is a trainer, not a miracle worker.  If your goal is to lose weight but you continue to eat chocolate every day, don’t blame your trainer.  If you approach every session with an ‘I can’t do it’ attitude and are reluctant to try and push yourself – how can you expect to make a change.  If you keep doing what you’re already doing, you’re going to continue getting what you’ve already got.  So listen to your trainer, have faith in them, don’t give up, do what they say and you should see results.

Ah, thanks…. I feel better now.  Glad I got that off my chest.


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