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McDonald’s loses Heart Foundation tick

Posted on | September 22, 2011 | No Comments



The popular fast food chain McDonalds has lost the right to display the Heart Foundation tick of approval on its burgers, salads and many more food options which they pay more than $300, 000 per year to show.

The heart foundation tick is supposed to assist consumers to pick the healthier choice amongst other food choices.  The tick is supposed to meet strict nutritional criteria and represent choices that are lower in certain nutrients such as saturated fat, sodium and/or higher in others (eg: fibre) when compared with other foods in the same food category.

Heart Foundation Tick key nutrient criteria:

Decrease levels of one (1) or more of:

  • total fat, saturated fat, trans fatty acids, partially hydrogenated fat,
  • sodium
  • lower energy density and appropriate serve sizes

Increase levels of one (1) or more of

  • dietary fibre and/or vegetables and/or wholegrains
  • calcium (for soy products and dairy alternatives)
  • protein
  • % ingredients
Heart Foundation Tick

Heart Foundation Tick

It seems this move is showing that the Heart Foundation is cracking down on achieving these criteria to obtain and keep the tick of approval.  They stated a changing direction to concentrate on ingredients delivered to restaurants and food outlets and are soon to announce a random testing scheme to monitor such criteria at fast food outlets

Great job Heart Foundation.  The tick of approval shouldn’t be handed to anyone that is willing to pay. You must earn this tick and it should be a trusted sign to consumers that wherever it is awarded to a food/meal – it really is the healthier choice.

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