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Merry Christmas !!

Posted on | December 18, 2009 | No Comments

Merry-Christmas-with-treeWell I know that I’m a little early with the Christmas wishes….. but today is my last blog for the year. I absolutely love Christmas.  I still get as excited as I used to when I was a child.  So, I thought I’d share a little bit about what a ‘normal’ Christmas in Australia is like for me.

All the action begins on the 24th.  It normally includes a last minute scroll of the checklist with the fear “Have we forgotten anyone” – my extended family are quite good breeders so there is always more and more children to buy presents for, then there is the last minute wrapping of gifts and baking for the big day.  Christmas eve in our house wouldn’t be Christmas eve without watching Carols in The Domain on television.  All the popular Australian singers, actors and entertainers performing christmas songs that we all sing along to.  Then it’s our ritual to drive around our small country town looking at all the houses decorated with Xmas lights.  Now as I come from a HUGE town that only has about 3000 people – this only takes about 45 minutes!

Christmas Day!!  We start with opening presents which is always so special and such a lovely way to start the day as a family before all the festivities begin.

Then onto the Christmas Champagne Breakfast:  Baked Ham, Eggs, Toast, Mango Chutney & lots of champagne.  Nuts, sweets, biscuits…

Then all day it’s visitors coming and going bringing more food and drinks and the gossip of the day is: “So what presents did you get for christmas?”

Finally, in the afternoon after it’s cooled down a little, we meet for a late family dinner with much more food, drinks, presents, laughing and story telling.  It’s such a magical day.

So that is a ‘normal’ Christmas Day for me in Australia.  However…… this year is going to be VERY different.  I only know one thing.  I know that I’ll be with my Mum, Dad & Sister in Hoi An in the middle of Vietnam.  I don’t know whether I’m excited or scared!! (I think excited)  I can’t imagine a christmas without loads of family around, but I know it’s certainly going to be an adventure.

Therefore, I’m signing out until early in January.  When I return I’ll no doubt have a year full of stories to tell and advice to give.

This Christmas still remember to never give up the fight against fat – but most importantly remember to have fun and stay safe.

Merry Christmas!!


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