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The Biggest Loser Asia: Episode (no idea)

Posted on | January 20, 2010 | 1 Comment

Caught the latest BLA episode last night….. in my opinion they just don’t get it.  Sigh.

The blue team needed to win the weigh-in – so their trainer made them exercise for 8 hours each day…. a week later they all get on the scale and are devastated that they’ve all only lost 2kg each.  Um hello…… for starters – 2kg is alot.  I think everyone needs to realise that they are winning if they have the ability to control their weight. That’s the most important thing.  And how loud and long do I need to scream that vigorous exercise is NOT THE ANSWER to weight loss if you haven’t got a diet to match.  And what’s going to happen in the real world when these people don’t have this much time to dedicate to training?

Secondly – the contestants must not be eating right.  One contestant had such low blood sugar the trainer had to make him drink a sweet sports drink to complete his workout – and the rest of them had it in their heads their weight loss would be fast-tracked if they didn’t eat carbohydrates.  Both silly.  With the excessive level of exercise they are completing – carbohydrates are essential to fuel the body – and for such obese people – not eating and snacking correctly in between their meals can be life threatening.

Finally – A dance off?  You have to be joking.  Their weekly challenge was a dance off judged by a group of school kids.  Quite humiliating and almost irrelevant -and- as a viewer shocking to watch.  Some of the contestants looked like they were attempting a strip tease in front of primary school aged children.   No comment.

On a good note – it’s nice to see the contestants supporting each other and seem genuinely interested in keeping people in the competition that need it the most. It seems like a much less ‘bitchier’ version of the American and Australian equivalent.

How I would have improved this episode:

  1. If you’re going to create a fun challenge – try making it relevant – perhaps a quiz / game / puzzle about nutrition facts
  2. Get the trainers to educate more on fueling the body correctly
  3. Don’t over exercise – it’s detrimental to the body, mind and soul
  4. How about talking less about weight loss on the scales and more about each persons achievements:  how many dress size’s they’ve dropped – body fat % loss – cm lost from waist, hip, neck, arm, leg circumference etc
  5. Get a new host

I hate being a whinger – but I get so worked up watching this show….. and yet I keep watching!  I guess that’s reality TV.  I think the main reason I get so worked up is because they are broadcasting unrealistic and unsafe weight loss practices.  I know I could help each of these people in such a better way – and give each of them a better chance at controlling their weight for life while stressing the fact – it’s not just about a set of scales.  Consider your health – achieve ‘normal’ body composition, shape and function and find out what’s happening underneath your skin.  And remember – just because you’re skinny – doesn’t mean you’re healthy.

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One Response to “The Biggest Loser Asia: Episode (no idea)”

  1. kim66
    January 25th, 2010 @ 10:00 am

    You are so right. This show makes me angry on so many levels. Encouraging, or should I say forcing people to lose as much weight as possible so quickly is not healthy and the unrealistic amount of exercise is just setting contestants up for failure after the show is over and they return to their normal lives. I know it wouldn’t make for such interesting viewing if the contestants lost an amount of weight that was healthy and didn’t have the potential to stress and damage their bodies in the long term, but the challenge for the producers should be to find a way to make that interesting.

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