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The McDonalds ad finally telling the truth!!

Posted on | September 21, 2010 | No Comments

\”I was loving it\” ad

Click on this link above to view the ad!!

McDonald’s has the slogan “I’m loving it” which has recently come under fire in a campaign against fighting cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity.

The ad shows a distraught women in a morgue looking at an overweight mans body – as the camera pans down it shows him holding a half eaten McDonalds burger in his hand and continues on to show the McDonalds golden arches with “I was loving it”

In my opinion the ad speaks for itself, but for those who can’t see the link – this ad is taking aim at McDonald’s high-fat menu, linking the fact that food containing high fat leads to cholesterol and weight gain and ultimately can cause death. (Studies have shown that people who consume fast food are at a higher risk for obesity, a factor contributing to heart disease)

Whilst the ad promotes ‘eating vegetarian’ – I don’t think that’s the most important message here – the message is: Food = Health. Eating high fat food can cause cholesterol build up that clogs the arteries of your heart, and will ultimately lead to a stroke or heart attack.

Having high cholesterol is known as the SILENT KILLER. Why? Because it doesn’t have any physical symptoms. The only way to know is to test by having regular blood tests known as Lipid Profiles. AND …. the best way to manage cholesterol is DIET! And I don’t mean starving yourself diet… a Diet is about putting the good stuff in and leaving the bad stuff out. Avoid deep fried, oily and fatty foods and avoid trans fats also.

Don’t think that having high cholesterol is an ‘old persons’ problem. It can happen to everyone at any time. Fact: Did you know that once you have high cholesterol and is diagnosed be a doctor – they will prescribe you medication that you then have to take for the rest of your life. And medication costs money.

As usual, prevention is better than cure – and being proactive about caring for your health is far better than reactive medicine to combat the illness.

So – cut the crap (literally) – eat for life, eat to be well.

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