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The truth about Artificial Colours & Flavours

Posted on | May 3, 2010 | No Comments

Manufacturing food and drinks is at an all time high.  We are convenience junkies – we love pre-bottled, pre-packed instant meals, snacks and drinks and put total faith in food manufacturers producing great tasting and appealing foods. 

MMMmmmm….. yummy……… most people skip the fresh produce aisle and head for the brightly coloured and sinful confectionary section – opt for the flavoured milk as it tastes better – top up with some cherry lemonade for the party on the weekend –  a packet of lemon biscuits  and continue loading up with all of the goodies we are drowned with in the grocery store.

Have you ever stopped to think  – how did my mango flavoured softdrink get is flavour and how did it become so brightly coloured?

How did my red lipstick that I layer on each day get so red?

How did my toothpaste get a mint colour and taste?

 The answer: ARTIFICIAL COLOURS and FLAVOURS.  No big deal right?

Wrong!  Would you be mortified to find out artificial colours and flavours are all chemically produced from a base of an industrial waste product called Coal Tar.

This is Coal Tar

This is Coal Tar

They pose possibly hundreds of potential side effects, cause illness, disease, allergies and can be fatal.   Below is list of common artifical colours and their known side effects.

Artificial Colour Made From Side Effects / Problem
Tartrazine Coal Tar – Industrial Waste 1 in 10, 000 risk of ADHD; possible risk of cancer; Allergy
Quinoline Yellow Synthetic Coal Tar Dye Allergy, ADHD, Rashes
Sunset Yellow Naphthalene-6-sulfonate Cancer risk, Nasal Congestion, Asthma, Decreased Appetite
Amaranth Azo Dye Asthma, Eczema, Hyperactivity, Birth Defects, Fetal Death
Ponceau 4R Synthetic coal tar and Azo dye 1 in 10, 000 allergic, potential carcinogen
Erythrosine Coal Tar Sensitivity to light, learning difficulties, thyroid cancer

Other uses:  To kill maggots & flies

Benzoic Acid Synthetic Benzoin derivative Hypersensitivity reaction, Asthma

 Next Question – Would you drink this?

amyl acetate, amyl butyrate, amyl valerate, anethol, anisyl formate, benzyl acetate, benzyl isobutyrate, butyric acid, cinnamyl isobutyrate, cinnamyl valerate, cognac essential oil, diacetyl, dipropyl ketone, ethyl acetate, ethyl amyl ketone, ethyl butyrate, ethyl cinnamate, ethyl heptanoate, ethyl heptylate, ethyl lactate, ethyl methylphenylglycidate, ethyl nitrate, ethyl propionate, ethyl valerate, heliotropin, hydroxyphenyl-2-butanone (10 percent solution in alcohol), a-ionone, isobutyl anthranilate, isobutyl butyrate, lemon essential oil, malitol, 4-methylacetophenone, methyl anthranilate, methyl benzoate, methyl cinnamate, methyl heptine carbonate, methyl naphthyl ketone, methyl salicylate, mint essential oil, neroli essential oil, nerolin, neryl isobutyrate, orris butter, phenethyl alcohol, rose, rum ether, g-undecalactone, vanillin and solvent

These are the ‘chemicals’ needed to create an artificial strawberry flavour.  So chances are – you’ve already drunk this many times in your life.

So now you’re probably thinking – how do I avoid artificial colours & flavours??  Because lets face it – unless you see something being made from Buy Ampicillin ‘real’ ingredients – then you know most products, drinks, foods, snacks, cosmetics (make-up, perfume) and even medications are from artificial sources – and they are everywhere.

So this means a lifestyle change.  Eat fresh.  Cook at home.  Don’t choose brightly coloured products.  Choose foods/drinks that contain NO artificial colours and flavours. If you are a parent, don’t provide children with chips, lollies, sweets too often to minimise intake.  And now spread the word on how harmful these ingredients are.

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