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Your best-friend for a buffet!

Posted on | July 23, 2010 | No Comments

Attention: The is dedicated to all the prescription pills online carb and fat lovers out there! We can’t escape or avoid the fact that eating is a social event. There are simply just times when it’s impossible to be good and close your eyes to the mountain of food in front of you. If you’re Singaporean you’ll relate to Buffets and Reunion Dinners – Americans think Thanksgiving and 4th July BBQ’s – Australians you know what happens on Christmas Day (I think you catch my drift….)

Eating more than alot just has to be done sometimes. And then you pick up the pieces on Monday (doesn’t the diet always start on Monday??) Well… I’ve designed a rescue pack that’s going to help you through the feast, minimise the fat and get you back on track on ‘Monday’.

I am obviously a huge believer in eating for health and weight management. I always educate on choosing protein dominant meals, reduce carbs, minimise your fat intake and how to make healthier choices. These rescue packs are based around that.

Carb Lovers Pack: Contains Carbohydrate controlling supplements for those occasions that you can’t avoid the rice, pasta, noodles and bread. A range of low calorie soups & meals (protein dominant and healthy of course) and then antioxidant drinks, low calorie coffee and detox tablets to ensure that you are guilt-free by Monday. (P.s. One of the tricks I use is to make sure that if I know a big dinner is in order, I have a small soup at lunch to take up less calories in my day)

Fab Lovers Pack: (For those of you who want to look fabulous of course) Contains Fat controlling supplements for the deep-fried and oily treats that make their way onto the plate. A range of low calorie soups, meals & bars (protein dominant and healthy of course) and then antioxidant drinks, low calorie coffee and detox tablets to get you back on track.

These products are my secret weapon (everyone needs a little help). I recommend these packs from my own personal use and straight from the heart.

If you’re interested in finding out more about these 10 day rescue packs you can call The Xndo Centre on 6235 5257 – ask about the Health Guru Carb Lover / Fab Lover Packs and they’ll get you started on how to use them best. Happy Eating!
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