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Nutrition Info: Calories in JCO Donuts

Posted on | August 24, 2012 | 1 Comment

JCO Donuts

The doughnut  (or donut) is type of sweet fried dough.  They are typically shaped in rings or can be flattened and filled with flavourings such as jam, chocolate or fruit.

I actually don’t know any donut store that advertises how many calories are in each donut (for very obvious reasons).  Therefore when I was asked to provide the calorie information for JCO donuts – I have to let everyone know that I looked on the internet.  Sorry, but companies just don’t want to publish their recipes and portion sizes to enable people like me to calculate acquarate nutrition content.

I also used common sense.  With a donut – the more donut there is, the more filling and the more icing – then the more calories it contains.

So, a simple glazed donut is ALWAYS going to contain less calories than a chocolate filled, chocolate glazed donut with slivered almonds!!


  • Glazzy = 220 calories
  • Miss Green T = 230 calories
  • Cheese Me Up = 240 calories
  • Alcapone = 250 calories
  • Coco Loco = 290 calories
  • JCrown Oreo = 300 calories
  • Heaven Berry = 300 calories
  • Jcoccino =320 calories
  • Why Nut = 340 calories

I suggest just keep walking whenever you see a donut store! These are a ‘once a year’ type treat, not a daily or weekly snack.

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One Response to “Nutrition Info: Calories in JCO Donuts”

  1. Mozart
    November 9th, 2012 @ 4:19 pm

    I’m a health news addict (NOT a health buff yet) and a calorie counter. I was pleasantly surprised to find a site like yours that has info on calories of local restos like J.Co! I’m trying lose weight and your article is really very helpful. More Power and keep counting calories for Pinoys!!!

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