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Nutrition Info: Calories in Maggi Chicken Noodles

Posted on | August 15, 2014 | No Comments

Maggi Chicken Noodles

Maggi Chicken Noodles

Instant Noodles are the snack that at one stage in our lives, most of us have turned to. I know for sure that as a struggling uni student with no money, instant noodles were one of the cheapest ‘meals’ on offer and I always had a stash available.  They are quick and easy to prepare, come in very handy as a late night snack and have been known to curb a wild hangover.

In Asia they are extremely popular and seem to be stocked avidly in company pantries for staff to snack on as well as eaten in the home as either snacks or main meals.    Since moving to Singapore, my boyfriend even introduced me to the “Indo” style of Maggi instant noodles which consists of noodles, green veges (just a few), hot water… let if soften… pour out the water, crack an egg into the bowl and mix quickly to cook through using the heat from the noodles. Season with the packet sachet to your tasting.

I think whilst we are eating instant noodles, most of us know that they aren’t exactly packed full of nutrients.  But being such a small portion… it can’t be that bad right?  As you are half way through your bowl and find yourself needing your third glass of water to quench your thirst, I think most  people realize they are super salty as well.

Well, the not so great news is they are extremely calorie laden for their portion size (almost 1 calorie per gram), are very low in nutritional content, high in sodium (salt) and contain half of your daily allowance of fat in only one serve.

Nutrition information for 1 packet (380g) – Chicken Flavour

  • Energy:  378 calories
  • Protein: 0 g
  • Carbs: 49 g
  • Fat: 16 g
  • Sodium:  1,010 mg

Note: Nutrition information sourced from the internet

Eeeeekkkkkkkk!  Slightly scary right.

I think if you are an avid fan of instant noodles it may be best to cut back or completely cut out if you can.

If you are eating them as a main meal, I would advise you to add steamed protein, use half the portion of noodles and only ¼ of the flavor sachet to cut down on the salt.  Add lots of green veges to improve the nutrition content of the meal.  (But seriously… there are way better carbohydrate sources to eat than instant noodles…… just saying)

If you are eating them as a snack between meals I would really advise you not to and replace with fruit or perhaps you can read this article on Health Snacks under 100 calories to find a suitable substitute.

My final advice:  Remember to always follow my additional recommendations every time you eat: Eat slowly, put your utensils down between bites and always stop when you feel 80% full because it’s better to waste it than to ‘waist’ it. Enjoy!

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