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Nutrition Info: Calories in Mee Rebus

Posted on | March 10, 2011 | No Comments

Mee Rebus

Mee Rebus

Mee Rebus is a local dish that consists of yellow egg noodles (mee) and is covered in a spicy, tangy but sweet curry sauce.  ‘Rebus’ means boiled – so this dish translates easily enough to boiled noodles.  It is found across Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore and each region prepares the dish with its own flair and different flavours.

Typically, the sauce is made from potatoes, curry powder, water, salted soya beans, dried shrimp and peanuts. The dish is garnished with a hard boiled egg, calamansi limes, spring onions, chinese celery, green chillies, fried firm tofu, fried shallots and bean sprouts.

Here is the nutrition information for Mee Rebus:

  • Energy:  555 Calories (1 bowl)
  • Protein:  21.1 g
  • Carbs: 75 g
  • Fat: 19 g

How to recognize this dish has lots of calories:

The sauce is shiny (layer of fat), the sauce is thick and not translucent, it contains fried ingredients and there are loads of noodles that provide the body with a large portion of carbohydrate.

This portion of Mee Rebus contains more than half the daily energy requirements.  It’s not as high in calories as some local food options, but it certainly doesn’t fall into the ‘healthy’ category.

If you were eating this meal, it will be best to eat the vegetables and noodles, leaving as much sauce as you could in the bowl to reduce the amount of fat and calories that you consume.  You could share with a friend as well and fill up on vegetables if you were still hungry.

As I always recommend:  Remember to eat slowly, put your untensils down between bites and always stop eating when you feel 80% full because it’s better to waste it than to ‘waist’ it.


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