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Nutrition info: Calories in Mee Soto

Posted on | September 27, 2012 | No Comments

Mee Soto

Mee soto is a traditional Indonesian soup served with meat, vegetables and broth.  ‘Soto’ means traditional soup and ‘mee’ refers to the thin white rice noodles served inside the broth.  There are many variations, one of the most popular being soto ayam a.k.a. Chicken soup.

Nutrition info for Mee Soto:  1 bowl

  • Energy: 433 calories
  • Protein: 13 g
  • Carbs:  60 g
  • Fat:  13 g

Like all clear broth soups, you will find that they are typically lower in calories.  For the portion size, Mee Soto is quite a good choice as far as calories are concerned.  It also has reasonable amounts of protein, carbs and fat.

If trying to consume less calories – you could try eating the chicken and drinking the soup before you started with the noodles (but remember to stop eating once you feel 80% full)

Overall, this is quite a healthy choice (and really delicious too)

Finally, remember to always follow my additional recommendations every time you eat: Eat slowly, put your utensils down between bites and always stop when you feel 80% full because it’s better to waste it than to ‘waist’ it. Enjoy!

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