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Nutrition Info: Calories in Milo

Posted on | July 30, 2012 | No Comments

Originating from Sydney, Australia, however now sold around the world – Milo is a popular chocolate and malt powder that is mixed with water or milk to produce a delicious sweet beverage. It’s reported that the name Milo is derived from the famous greek athlete (Milo of Crotona) after his legendary strength! Milo can be found ...Read more »

Nutrition Info: Calories in Black Pepper Crab

Posted on | July 27, 2012 | No Comments

Black Pepper CrabBlack Pepper Crab is the second most popular flavour of crab to eat in Singapore.  Coming in first place is of course Chilli Crab and then in my opinion tying for second place is either black or white pepper.  (I prefer white pepper!) Pepper crab is a much healthier option compared to chilli crab as there ...Read more »

What’s the healthier option – Char Siew Rice vs. Chicken Rice vs. Duck Rice?

Posted on | July 25, 2012 | No Comments

What’s the healthier option – Char Siew Rice vs. Chicken Rice vs. Duck Rice?  Char Siew Pork Rice "Char siu" means "fork burn/roast" named after the traditional method of cooking long seasoned strips of pork on a fork over fire. Char siew pork rice is served with slices of char siu, sliced cucumber, white rice and covered ...Read more »

Nutrition Info: Calories in Curry Udon

Posted on | July 23, 2012 | No Comments

Curry UdonUdon is type of thick, white, wheat-flour noodle from Japan. Curry udon is a curry flavoured broth or soup with udon noodles! It can be simple as just mentioned or be served as a thicker and richer curry sauce with beef, carrots and potatoes. Nutrition information for Curry Udon: 1 bowl (200g) Energy: 345 calories Protein: 8.3 ...Read more »

If you are what you eat… then what should you look like?

Posted on | July 20, 2012 | No Comments

I saw this article written by Jessica Irvine ( and found the statistics very interesting. I hope you enjoy the read: What should you look like?You are what you eat, they say. If so, Australians are shaped rather like a takeaway container filled with booze and meat, with nary a vegetable in sight. Two reports released this ...Read more »

Nutrition Info: Black Carrot Cake vs White Carrot Cake

Posted on | July 19, 2012 | No Comments

White and Black Carrot CakeFor most westerners moving to an Asian country they are confused with ‘Carrot cake’ being sold at hawker stalls.  For most Caucasians – carrot cake is a sweet baked cake with frosting that you have with your tea or coffee.  It resembles nothing that comes out of a wok. In Singapore, Carrot ...Read more »

Read the Health Guru on Newsloop – blogging goes mainstream news!

Posted on | July 18, 2012 | No Comments

See the Health Guru articles on NewsLoopSingapore 17 July 2012 – SingTel have launched a ground breaking e-Reader app for iPad call NewsLoop.  It offers a large selection of International and Singapore news, blogs, lifestyle articles, photographs and videos - and THE HEALTH GURU is one of the content providers! NewsLoop contains business headlines, technology news, restaurant ...Read more »

Nutrition Info: Calories in Macarons

Posted on | July 17, 2012 | No Comments

Macarons are a sweet meringue style dessert that comes in range of flavours from raspberry, chocolate to even mocha.  The recipe consists of egg whites, icing sugar, sugar, ground almond powder and food colourings.  An expertly made macaron will be smooth or glossy out the outside and soft and moist on the inside.  Two halves ...Read more »

Join the Health Guru Forum

Posted on | July 14, 2012 | No Comments

Dear Health Guru readers:  Please join the forum that I've recently created and share your thoughts on health, exercise, food and weight loss. You can find the forum by clicking on the forum page in the top right hand corner (show in the picture) Register, sign in and then start discussing...

Calories in Breadtalk Buns

Posted on | July 12, 2012 | No Comments

Hi Health Guru Readers.... The latest buzz on my blog is "please do a blog on Breadtalk Buns".  I just wanted to let you know upfront what I can and can't do about this request. FIRSTLY - WHAT YOU CAN DO:  To gain an understanding of what calories you're eating in all bread / buns regardless of ...Read more »

Healthy Motivation

Posted on | July 9, 2012 | 1 Comment

You are worth more than you realise - and so is your health. Stop Dieting.  Don't Exercise with Guilt.

Nutrition info: Calories in Cheesecake

Posted on | July 6, 2012 | 3 Comments

Cheesecake is renown around the world and there are endless varieties and recipe variations.  There’s everything from the good old traditional lemon flavoured cheesecake, blueberry, marbled chocolate or strawberry to more modern recipes containing toffee, coffee, mars bar or crunchie chocolate bars.  Just about all flavours can be added to the base of cream cheese ...Read more »

Don’t reward yourself with food, you are not a dog!

Posted on | July 4, 2012 | No Comments

This is not always the easiest thing to remember and do.  Just think, how hard it is to burn off and how much better you'll feel if you have a little will power.

SINGAPORE DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL 2012: Bronze! National Championship Mixed – Open Category

Posted on | July 2, 2012 | No Comments

Bronze!!!  3rd place in the Open National Championship Mixed 22crew.  Great job Austcham Paddle Club!

Singapore Dragon Boat Festival 2012: GOLD! International business houses race (Aka. the expat race)

Posted on | June 30, 2012 | No Comments

Well done Austcham Paddle Club - day 1, 1 GOLD! The only team to have 2 boats in the grand final - bringing home GOLD for the A Boat and 5th / 7th for the B Boat. Let's do it all again tomorrow...

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