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Cyclone Yasi – My little Tully town

Posted on | February 7, 2011 | No Comments

Most of you would have probably heard about the destructive Cyclone Yasi hitting the northern coast of Queensland, Australia in a little township called Tully– however most of you won’t know that this is actually my home town.

Cyclone Yasi was a severe category 5 cyclone, the worst in recorded history in Australia. Highest sustained winds were estimated at nearly 155mph. This cyclone was more destructive than Hurricane Katrina that wiped out New Orleans (USA).  It brought with it huge rain and a 5 metre storm surge in coastal towns similar to a tsunami.  This cyclone was so severe that it travelled 900km inland to central Queensland where it approached as a category 1 cyclone into towns that have NEVER had a cyclone before.

The destruction it has left behind is unimaginable, and it’s amazing that no one was killed as a direct outcome of the cyclone.  Most people living in that region either stayed in their homes if they were structurally strong enough or grouped together with friends, family or neighbours in shelters to stay safe.  The cyclone crossed around the Mission Beach area at around 1am.

My parents remained in our family house, locked into a bathroom with mattresses for protection and were very lucky to not be harmed.  They suffered great damage in the cyclone, losing the roof off our house, suffering major structural damage, rain damage to everything inside including appliances, furniture, clothing and other possessions.   The house is unlivable and will take months to clean, repair and rebuild.

My heart goes out to everybody living in that area.  They are still without power, running water, food, supplies and there simply are not enough hands to help clean the massive destruction. I don’t think anyone can imagine what they have experienced.  This region has a lucrative agricultural industry, providing bananas, sugar cane, fruit and vegetables to Australia.  These farms have been completely flattened taking peoples jobs and incomes with it.

It’s been a horrible few days communicating with text messages and phone calls to my family, relaying reports on loss of all that had such great meaning to them. The only saving grace is that they are safe, they can and will rebuild our house again and they can’t express their gratitude at the people helping them with cleaning, moving what’s left of the furniture, those bringing dry clothes, food, water, power generators and lending moral support.

I hope for a safe and speedy recovery and clean up to Tully, Tully Heads, Mission Beach and all other local areas affected.  I’ll leave you with some pictures of my little Tully town and the destruction to my family house in Tully.

APTOPIX Australia Storm

Where a tree has take out the side of my house

Where a tree has take out the side of my house

Trees & other debris that caused damage

Trees & other debris that caused damage


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