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Ipod stupidity – you won’t believe what I did

Posted on | January 26, 2010 | No Comments

My recent stupidity with my ipod is getting a little out of hand.  It’s gone from me thinking “ha ha ha you won’t believe what I did” to “seriously, what is wrong with me”.

The Background:  I am always listening to my ipod – It’s always in my ears walking to work, in the gym, shopping etc etc….  I change the songs at least 3 times a week so I don’t get bored however my worst habit is skipping to the next song to find a better one.  I always wear my ipod in the same place – attached to my left shoulder strap.  It basically lives on me.

Which leads me to examples of my recent stupidity:

1.  The invisible ipod

At the gym last week I was mortified to find that I’d left my ipod in the office – I wasn’t sure if I could make it through my workout or not!  Anyhow, mid-workout I was totally distracted and singing along to the CD playing through the sound system at the gym – deep in thought when a new song came on that I didn’t know I autonomously reached up with my right hand to hit the skip button. Of course there was no ipod there so I looked a little crazy suddenly poking myself in the shoulder.  

2.  The water proof ipod

Enter the change rooms – take joggers off and put into locker – retrieve towel & clothes and walk into the showers.  Go to have a shower and realise I still have my ipod on

3.  The silent ipod

Walking towards the squat machine – untangle the cords to earphones – put into ears – begin racking up the weights – start doing squats ….. a good 15 minutes lapses before I realise I haven’t pressed play.  My ear phones are in, but no music.  

I’m sure all the valid arguments include distracted, deep in thought, busy, more important things to do….. but they really are just masking the truth.  And actions like that deserve to be laughed at.

Let’s just hope it’s a case of that rule:  It always happens in 3’s… that’s my 3 moments of stupidity out of the road.


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