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New Year Resolutions

Posted on | January 14, 2012 | No Comments

Welcome back to 2012.  The last few days of 2011 and the turn of 2012 were some of my favourite days of the year.  Being with friends and family, relaxing ahhh…. there’s nothing better.

But now things have come to a screeching halt.  Reality time. Back to work and most importantly for me, back to routine.

Which brings me to talk about new year resolutions (or what your routine is going to be for the year)

When you’re setting new year goals (resolutions) don’t make them too large.  Example: Don’t say “I am going to lose 10kg this year”. (Boring goal… by the way)  Take baby steps and make your goals sound more exciting and achievable.

For example:  A better goal would be “I’m going to lose 500g each week by cutting out the cookies/muffins at work and replacing with an apple”

I really encourage making small goals. Keep it simple and stay motivated by achieving small goals and the rest will just happen.

So.. what’s in store for the Health Guru in 2012?

My goals (until the end of JANUARY are)  (ppsssstttt… I forget to mention this year I’m only setting monthly targets… )

  1. Hit the gym at lunch 4 sessions / week that includes 3 sessions of weights
  2. Run 4 afternoons / week around the Marina Bay Sands Casino (approx 6-7km)
  3. Find 1 new healthy recipe to cook for dinner per week
  4. I want to lose 1kg by the end of January

If I can do all of those then I’ll be happy!

To stay on track and do all of the above this January I’ve decided to pay myself for good behaviour.  Every day if I eat healthily and achieve my goals I’m giving myself $10.  (I decided that $5 wasn’t enough to keep on track!)  Then at the end of the month I’m going to spend that money on ME!!!

So think about setting small goals and what you’re going to reward yourself with (but don’t reward yourself with food.  Choose a movie ticket, massage, facials etc etc)

Hope that helps you!

Oh and don’t forget to write your goals down and keep them visible so you stay motivated.

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