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77291068_XSWould you like a personalised program that will strengthen, tone and challenge your body?

Would you like an Expert to guide and coach you to reach your goals?

Would you like an understanding friend to laugh with and motivate you through your exercise?

Would you prefer comfort and relaxation compared to loud gyms and techno music?

If YES, then 1-on-1 Personalised Pilates Coaching is the CORRECT choice for you.

I am an Exercise Physiologist with 10 years experience in Clinical Pilates and Pilates Performance.  I will care and tailor each session to transform your body and health.  No Gyms. No Gimmicks. No crowds.

I can assist you with:

  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Sports Performance
  • Weight Loss
  • Improved Strength
  • Surgery Recovery
  • Achieve your pre-baby body
  • Improved Posture
  • Decreased Pain
  • Improved Flexibility

Please email: [email protected] and we can arrange a 1-on-1 postural analysis and assessment to kick-start the new and improved you.

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    • Guest_4557 : I think we shld just petition to bread talk n ask them to provide calories instead of bugging poor healthguru aka Natalie here...haha
    • Jace : Yeshhh! Agree with everyone. Please do a post on how much calories are there in breadtalk's bread. Esp the spicy pork floss bun which always sold out fast...
    • Jolene : Hi Natalie! Just want to know, how much calories are there in 2 roles of plain chee cheong fun with sauce?
    • Guest_211 : hi,which one is fattening plain rice or yellow noodles?
    • Guest_86 : Agree!! Also, how many cals in those neighbourhood bakery's cheese bun? (with shredded cheese sprinkled with sugar)
    • Guest_1813 : Hi, I love your blog! It is so informative and very insightful.
    • Guest_579 : totally agree with guest 4168 and guest1519!!!
    • Guest_1591 : Please could you do a feature on the least calorific options Iin breadtalk please?!
    • Guest_4168 : hey could you do a post about Japanese ramen (with the different kinds of soup bases eg. shio, miso etc) and different toppings (eg. chashu, egg, etc.)? Thank you!
    • Health Guru : I didn't even realise we did the same time both days! Thanks
    • Guest_249 : Thanks for posting the timing for the race, Nat! we are really consistant! the 1st day final race was 3:39.53, the 2nd day final race was 3:39. awesome!
    • Guest_4540 : For example, many girls I know have BMI's ranging from 16-18, technically underweight but they don't look particularly emaciated/starve d. Thank you in advance! xx
    • Guest_4540 : Or
    • Guest_4540 : Hi Natalie, great posts you have here! I am curious to know the healthy BMI range for Singaporean females, because it seems that girls who look slim and healthy can have really low BMI's despite looking And eating perfectly normally
    • Cheryl : HI healthguru, have been a fan of your blog. Just want to know, is it possible for you to do a diet plan sample for IBS Constipation people. I have been constipated for 2 weeks, went to the doc, had medicine, but still no avail. I'm pretty worried coz you know.. by 2 weeks, all the stools are hardened. Do email me at : if its not convienient to speak here. Look forward to your replies! :) Do continue to post more about nutrition stuffs. Am always excited! ^^
    • Jolene : Hi Natalie, I have a few qns. Firstly, what do you think a healthy lunch shld be? (arnd 300 kcal) Secondly, for yong tau foo, what ingredients do you think I shld pick and what type of noodles such that it doesn't exceed 300kcal? Hope you will reply soon.
    • Guest_587 : Hi, I was just wondering what would be the best choice for an icy treat? I'm considering between Sugarless Ice Blended Drinks (without Pearls) and Ice Kachang without Milk. Or is lowfat ice-cream a better idea? Seeking your expert advice! Thank you, and I really love your blog!
    • Calories : maybe you can write about "Ban Mian" someday? A rather popular choice amongst locals.
    • Calories : Hey there, amazing website you have here. Best part is you have the calorie details of our local food. Thank you. Will keep coming back for more.
    • Guest_2953 : Hi! You mentioned some time ago that you would get to putting up a post on JOLLIBEAN mee chiam kueh (peanut and red bean). I have been looking forward to it! :)
    • Health Guru : THANKS! The only reason I keep blogging is for my readers. So many people request for practical advice and keep me motivated!
    • Guest_3942 : Hi, just dropping by to say that I'm really impressed with your recent Q&A post! Your dedication to your readers is really laudable! Keep up the good work :) I love your blog
    • An An : Hi, I've bought some whole wheat noodles recently but not sure of how I should cook it(fry/boil) and what I ingredients I shld put in. Preferaby, I prefer boiling noodles since its much easier & convenient. Hope you'll give me some good advice. (:
    • Jolene : Hi Natalie, I have a few qns. Firstly, what do you think a healthy lunch shld be? (arnd 300 kcal) Secondly, for yong tau foo, what ingredients do you think I shld pick and what type of noodles such that it doesn't exceed 300kcal? Hope you will reply soon. :)
    • Guest_3943 : Is Sam lo hor fun healthier than normal horfun? And is there a difference, health wise, between black and white carrot cake? And finally which is the best choice between charsiew, duck or chicken rice? Thanks for your help :)
    • Guest_3157 : Hi, with regards to the recent post about the nutrition of the calories applicable to the lao ban beancurd as well? Because the normal type of hawker beancurds and the laoban ones are apparently different, the latter is more like a soy "pudding"? So would the calories be the same? Or rather, what would be the calories of the laoban beancurd if it's not the same? Thank you
    • Guest_441 : Binge eating on weekend.. anyone experience that too? Health guru, any tips on that? :/
    • Guest_3359 : Hi health guru, my question is short.. But it's related to a controversial topic. My question is: calorie counting or intuitive eating? Calorie counting makes me feel like I'm obsessing over food all the time, but it motivates me to exercise when I can see the numbers. However, calorie counting is quite hard with Chinese food/local fare.. As for intuitive eating, I don't really know how to recognize hunger signals that well.. But I definitely feel more carefree! Thanks for your help :)
    • Health Guru : @Guest:193/4970: Can you please email me at healthgurusg<at> I'd like to answer you in more depth. Thanks.
    • Guest_4970 : Hi health guru, thx for the reply( I'm guest_193 fyi)Regarding about what I consumed daily includes 3 egg whites, 3 serving of fruits, and 2-3 servings of boiled vegetables. What must I do to be able to eat normally again without the extra weight gain? Thank you, and appreciate a lot for your reply!
    • Guest_4486 : Hi Healthguru, I read your the post on Mr Bean Pancake. U mention that we should not snack on biscuits... but how about those Jacob Cream cracker that claim that they contain Wheat which r nutritional.
    • Guest_1538 : What's the diff in calories when choosing 100, 70 or 30% sugar level in milk teas? Thanks
    • Belle : Hi! Hope you can also feature the nutri facts of the popular gastronomia menu items. Thx in advance!
    • Milk tea addict : Hi health guru :) how many calories are there in a cup of gongcha milk tea/ milk green tea/ taro milk without pearls at 30% sugar? And how many calories are there in steam cakes at bakeries? :)
    • Health Guru : Waffles: remember that's an estimate - you don't know how much extra sugar or butter is put into a mixture - so remember to plus/minus this!
    • Health Guru : re: waffles nutrition. Please type in 'waffles' in the search box and you'll see the nutrition for waffles! That's for a waffle about 16cm in diameter.
    • Guest_2969 : Hi! Just saw some tapioca being sold at isetan. Is it healthy? Or sweet potato is better?
    • Guest_2187 : I mean beancurd, not branches. (autocorrect fail)
    • Guest_2187 : Thanks for the branches post, glad to know cos I usually buy it plain! @guest2187 plain waffle 260, waffle with peanut butter or chocolate is 460-500.
    • Guest_2187 : Calories in waffles sold at bakery? Thanks! :)
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