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High-protein diet helps weight loss: study

I found this on the Ninemsn website this morning. Thought I’d pass it on as it supports my belief in eating a higher protein, lower carbohydrate diet, exercise daily and that everyone needs to consult a health /wellness coach for monitoring. Here it is: A diet high in protein, combined with regular dietitian sessions, is […]

Stretch: The Pretzel (a.k.a Glute Stretch)

Lying Glute Stretch

I think all of us are probably guilty of not being flexible enough – or if you’re active, not stretching after exercise enough. So here’s the stretch of the week to practice!  It’s easy, simple and feels great.  It has a nickname as the “Pretzel Stretch” because that’s what you end up looking like – […]

If you drink water before your meal can you lose more weight?

Drink 2 glasses of water before your meals

An apple a day keeps the doctor away?  Drink more water to help you lose weight?  Eating carrots helps your eyesight?  Grapefruit and vinegar burn calories? Eating after 8m will make you fat? I’m sure you can think of many more, but perhaps one of the above is actually true!! As reported in The Economist […]

How to consume less calories at your meals

Yes you can!

This advice is really simple and works! To ensure you don’t over consume calories that your body really doesn’t need follow these rules. This is how you’ll be able to better manage your weight for life: 1. Eat slowly 2. Put your utensils down between mouthfuls 3. Don’t begin loading your next mouthful of …

Common mistakes that sabotage your weight loss and exercise effort

You’ve probably heard it a million times, the only way to ever lose weight is to exercise and Singaporeans are buying into this exercise craze. Fitness Gyms are opening up in every corner of the Island as more and more people are rushing to sign up to exercise. There is also an increase in participation […]

Research Findings: Protein dominant breakfasts help you lose weight


In a recent study 21 men ate two different breakfasts on separate days. Day 1 consisted of a protein-dominant breakfast of scrambled eggs and white toast.  Day 2 consisted of a carbohydrate-rich breakfast of a plain bagel, low-fat cream cheese and low-fat yoghurt. Both breakfasts contained exactly the same number of kilojoules. The study revealed […]

Listen up people: Fat Doesn’t Just Dissolve

As much as everyone is looking for the easy way out of this problem or just wants a ‘quick fix’ – don’t be fooled by claims by beauty centres, slimming spas or anything similar – Fat doesn’t dissolve and they can’t be zapped away. These ‘fat dissolving’ procedures called by names such as lipodissolve, mesotherapy, […]

Calorie Swapping


Throughout the day we unknowingly take in alot of calories & sugar through the drinks we consume.  One of my personal habits is enjoying Latte’s or flat whites every day…. I keep it to only 1 per day about 4 days per week but for others enjoying more than that you could be “drinking yourself […]

Why people fail to lose weight

Our lives have become more stressful, we sleep less, our energy output has dropped (more sedentary jobs & activities), socialising is associated with gluttony as we eat and drink like kings frequently.  So why is it that considering all of this – our energy or calorie input (food and drinks we consume) is higher than […]

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