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Nutrition Info: Murtabak


Murta-what? Never heard of Murtabak?  (Pronounced Mer-ta-buck) If you’re reading this from somewhere outside of Singapore/Malaysia then chances are you have no idea what I’m talking about. If you’ve never tried them they are fried  dough  filled with either chicken, mutton or sardines with egg, garlic, onion, vegetables  and curry.  It’s is folded into …

Nutrition Facts: Capsicum

Colourful variety of Peppers

Also known as “Peppers” to some, are thick-fleshy fruit (yes… it’s a fruit because it has seeds), waxy skin and crunchy in texture.  Coming in many shapes, sizes and colours ranging from golden yellow, green, red, orange, purple and brown.  They also range in flavour from sweet to extremely hot!! They provide the body with a […]

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