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Correct hydration in hot temperatures – ie. Singapore

Last weekend was the HOTTEST weekend in Singapore that I can remember having in a loooooong time.  And, as chances would have it, it was the weekend that I completed four paddling training sessions in the boiling hot sun. It is truly no exaggeration when I tell you this – one of my dragon boating […]

Exercise Addiction: Endocannabinoids ??

It is now being suggested that it’s not totally correct to give “Endorphins” all the wrap when talking about the reported feeling of euphoria after an exercise session.  Studies have shown that Endorphin molecules are quite large and can’t pass through the blood-brain barrier.  So therefore, a runner’s ‘high’ could be due to other substances […]

Stretch: The Pretzel (a.k.a Glute Stretch)

Lying Glute Stretch

I think all of us are probably guilty of not being flexible enough – or if you’re active, not stretching after exercise enough. So here’s the stretch of the week to practice!  It’s easy, simple and feels great.  It has a nickname as the “Pretzel Stretch” because that’s what you end up looking like – […]

Muscle makes you skinnier

2.5kg of Fat vs Muscle

When you’re trying to lose weight or if you notice that you’re doing active sports and the numbers on the scales are going up – It’s not always accurate to rely on this number to tell you the truth about whether you’re getting ‘fatter’ or not as they can’t tell the difference between lean muscle […]

Should you exercise in smoke haze?

Recently Singapore experienced it’s heaviest smoke haze since 2006 which led me to research on whether it’s harmful to exercise in such conditions. Across the island, every 3 hours the smoke levels are measured according to The Pollutant Standards Index (PSI).  On Thursday 21st October at 6pm, they reached a 4 year high of 108 […]

Common mistakes that sabotage your weight loss and exercise effort

You’ve probably heard it a million times, the only way to ever lose weight is to exercise and Singaporeans are buying into this exercise craze. Fitness Gyms are opening up in every corner of the Island as more and more people are rushing to sign up to exercise. There is also an increase in participation […]

What is Lactic Acid?

Cellular Respiration

Ever notice that when you run, you can breathe easily initially and then you get more and more out of breath and start to breathe faster trying to gasp for more oxygen. Your legs starts to burn and they feel heavier with each step. Finally, it hurts so bad and you feel totally out of breath […]

Improve your Core Strength: The Plank


Some of the most important muscles to keep in tip-top shape are those of your torso.  They have been popularly named “core” muscles as they are located in the centre of your body and play a core role in most biomechanical actions you do. Having strong core muscles keeps your back healthy, they hold your […]

What is delayed muscle soreness?

This is dedicated to my Austcham Paddling team mates who do the Beefcake land training sessions and have very sore muscles after Monday!  Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness  a.k.a DOMS.  This is the post-exercise muscle pain you feel after exercising which is typically worse 2 – 3 days later.  DOMS occurs when you make your muscles […]

Do you burn more calories when it’s hot?

I was asked this question over 1 week ago – and my initial answer was – NO!  Because the body is designed to sweat which is an inbuilt temperature regulator to stop our body from overheating.  Our circulating blood also travels to the surface of our body to cool down before returning to vital organs […]

How to calculate calorie expenditure correctly

How many calories you burn depends on the whether you’re male or female, the intensity, the muscles used and duration of the activity. I often forget to mention these things when writing about how many calories I personally use up during activities.  So it’s only fair to write a disclaimer about the important things to […]

Dance off those Calories


Ok party people…. I know the weekend is nearly here so I thought I’d provide some comic relief in the proactive health care department!  Most of us throw buy antibiotics online care into the wind over the weekends as we laze on the couch, relax, socialise with friends, shop, eat, drink, eat, drink, eat, drink, […]

Outrigger Paddling in Singapore


My newest love is paddling!  I love, love, love it.  After a long week at work there is nothing I look forward to more than hitting the water to paddle on the weekend.  Since buy medications moving to Singapore I initially joined the Aussie Dragon Boat Paddling team and hardly miss a session every weekend […]

Paddling at Sentosa

Another great weekend of paddling at Sentosa for me! I arrived to my Outrigger training on Sunday hoping for an easier session as I was feeling a little…. well let’s just say ‘fragile’ – but that hope was soon squashed when I found out we’d be taking the OC1’s out.   I was a little […]

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