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The Tipsy Gene – Do you have it?

Does 1 glass tip you over the edge?

When it comes to drinking alcohol – have you noticed that some are better at it than others?  And I don’t mean frequency of drinking – I’m talking about the fact that some people don’t seem to get drunk whilst others have a few sips and are incapacitated! A recent study has found an enzyme […]

Should you exercise in smoke haze?

Recently Singapore experienced it’s heaviest smoke haze since 2006 which led me to research on whether it’s harmful to exercise in such conditions. Across the island, every 3 hours the smoke levels are measured according to The Pollutant Standards Index (PSI).  On Thursday 21st October at 6pm, they reached a 4 year high of 108 […]

Are your ears linked to your taste buds?

A recent study has found that levels of noise are linked to the perceived sweetness, saltiness and crunchiness of food. A study was conducted on participants who were blindfolded and given food while listening to either silence, quiet or loud background white noise.  The participants were then asked to rate the food for its sweetness, […]

Nutrition Info: Bandung Drink


Have you ever tried bandung? Not to be confused with the city in Indonesia called Bandung – I’m referring to the popular floral drink called Bandung?  Also known as ‘sirap bandung’ or ‘air bandung’ – it’s hard the miss the bright pink coloured drink. The popularity of this drink throughout Malaysia and Singapore started during […]

The truth about McDonald’s burgers…

Click on the link below to read the article about the McDonald’s burger that hasn’t decomposed after 6 months! There isn’t even any mould. 6 month old cheeseburger This can’t be healthy for you… Think twice before you eat a cheeseburger again.

Nutrition Info: Pork Floss

Pork Floss

What is that fluffy stuff on the top of buns and pastries?  It’s a chinese delicacy known as floss!  Officially it’s called Rousong but more widely known as meat floss or pork floss that can be eaten on it’s own as a treat or used as a topping for congee, tofu, soy milk and as […]

Nutrition Info: Pizza – What’s in your slice?

Pepperoni Pizza

Pizza is so ‘moreish’ – you can never just stop at one slice, you have to have more. But have you ever stopped to think how many calories you’re eating?? Traditionally, pizza in Italy is eaten with few topping.  It was originally served with a hand-tossed bread base, a delicious home-made tomato sauce, fresh …

If you drink water before your meal can you lose more weight?

Drink 2 glasses of water before your meals

An apple a day keeps the doctor away?  Drink more water to help you lose weight?  Eating carrots helps your eyesight?  Grapefruit and vinegar burn calories? Eating after 8m will make you fat? I’m sure you can think of many more, but perhaps one of the above is actually true!! As reported in The Economist […]

Do you suffer from: “What the hell” affect when you eat?

A recent study has shown that if you feel like you’re on a diet, you may actually eat more – referred to as the “What the hell affect” The study took 106 females who were invited for lunch and told to fast for 3 hours prior so they all arrived with the same hunger levels. […]

The cost of Obesity – Can you afford it?

This staggering health report and prediction comes out of the UK identifying the growing obesity pandemic and potential strain on the medical system if nothing is done to reduce the obesity problem that we’re experiencing. UK Obesity Facts: 62% of UK citizens are obese or overweight. Nearly a million people in the UK may be […]

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