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Diet Detectives: What’s really inside your Egg McMuffin

This story came through to my email and I found it a really good read with lots of facts to consider. I felt slightly guilty because I had only ever looked at the calories in an Egg Mc Muffin and decided that at 300 calories they ‘weren’t soooo bad’.   So when the occasion called […]

Nutrition Info: Love Letters

It isn’t Chinese New Year with out Love Letters! Love letters are sweet cylindrical biscuits made from baking sugar, eggs and coconut milk together in a mould. Sometimes you find them folded into wedges but they are usually rolled up and stored in tins. They are fragrant (you can definitely smell the coconut), light and […]

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2013 New Year Resolutions..

Happy New Year….  I’m back. Ok, first up – New Year Resolutions….. I love setting them, but like most, hardly complete all of them…..   So remember to make yours achievable, review them regularly and set milestones along the way to keep you motivated. Here’s my resolutions: The year of the Chin Up:  Work towards doing […]

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