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Nutrition Info: Green Papaya Salad

Green Papaya Salad

I was recently asked by one of my readers to suggest some ‘nice salads’.  I’m probably going to shock you with this statement – but I think the word ‘salad’ needs to be retired – and replaced with a new and more interesting word that doesn’t immediately make people think: “Gross, salads… lettuce, tomato and […]

What is better – 3 meals per day or 6 small ones?

Choose protein dominant!

This is one of my most frequently asked questions – and I am happy to recently discover research supporting my argument that 3 is best! One of the crazes in last 20 years has been the promotion of eating 6 smaller meals throughout the day to ‘boost your metabolism’ and help you lose weight. I […]

Formula 1 Track Run!

F1 run

Last night myself and some of the aussie paddlers attempted our annual Formula 1 Race Track Run. The Formula 1 held in Singapore is a night race and for days prior to the race they barricade off the streets through the middle of the city and what roads are normally seen with bumper to bumper […]

The McDonalds ad finally telling the truth!!

\”I was loving it\” ad Click on this link above to view the ad!! McDonald’s has the slogan “I’m loving it” which has recently come under fire in a campaign against fighting cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity. The ad shows a distraught women in a morgue looking at an overweight mans body – as […]

How to read food labels: Part 2

Ingredients list

Once you’ve mastered reading the nutrition panel now it’s time to move on to the ingredients list which can also tell you alot about the product itself. Some things you may not know: All ingredients must be listed in decreasing order by weight, including added water. Therefore: First ingredient = Largest amount Last ingredient = […]

10km Dragon Boat Race

The Aussies (green boat) ready to start the race

Most Health Guru fans will know that I’m obsessed with paddling! I paddle in Singapore with Austcham Paddle Club (a.k.a The Aussies). Last weekend we took part in the Austcham 10km race hosted at Kallang River. The course was a sprint start from Kallang up to the Marina Barrage, a right turn up past …

I’m back!!

This has been me for the last week while my blog was down.

Hi Health Guru Fans… A huge apology that my blog has been out of action for the last week. I had quite a few technical problems that I hope are all fixed now.. Fingers crossed that it won’t happen again. Thanks for hanging in there! – Health Guru –

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