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Review your New Years Resolution Goals

Posted on | April 5, 2010 | No Comments

By now the New Years Resolution ‘honeymoon’ is over.  Most people typically stick to their promise for the first few weeks then gradually return to bad habits.  So now is the time to review your goals!  

Ask yourself – Have I achieved these goals?  If you have – keep going (or set new ones) and if you haven’t hurry up because it’s already April.   Here’s the review of my personal goals for 2010:

  1. Use public transport more often in Singapore - yes…. doing well at this.  Except someone please tell me a cheap, convenient & easy way to get to Sentosa Island without having to pay $6 entry.
  2. Weights program 4 days at the gym each week - yes…. I use my lunch hour to cram in a workout
  3. I must do more squats (I hate them) – yes….. every monday is ‘legs day’ so I can get the squats out of the way for the week
  4. I must attend 2 pump classes each week – no I don’t think i’ve attended 1 class this year!   I think I might delete this goal – doing enough already.
  5. Running 5 mornings / week - doing ok with this and some weeks are better than others… I run at least 4 mornings and if I do miss a morning I make sure I run that night.  
  6. Drink less coffee – no….. still drinking alot…. I’m going to try only 1 at breakfast then tea for the rest of the day.  Good calorie swap too.
  7. Grow a herb garden – no ….. I haven’t even attempted this one.  I must do this one by the end of April.
  8. Sleep 8 hrs every night - not every night…. but doing ok-ish with this…
  9. Kickboxing every wednesday night - no….. ok – must be going regularly by June
  10. Outrigging Sunday afternoon at Sentosa - yes… infact this goal has exploded!  Signed up for a paddling race and since January have been training a minimum order antibiotics online of 4 sessions every week.  I’m smashing this goal!!
  11. Focus on rest, relaxation and inner health - um….how can I rest with so much paddling to do??  This goal definitely needs immediate attention.
  12. Speak to my friends and family in Australia more often – no…. not doing to well on this one.  I’m planning 3 visits back to Australia this year so far ….. but I do need to pick up the telephone and talk more.  

So I’m reshuffling my list and focusing on the ‘must do’ goals .  I’m successfully completing 5 out of the 12 goals and kind of doing another 2…. but by the start of June I want 100% achievement.

Remember – When you’re reviewing your NY goals – write them down, put them where you can see them & read them regularly, visualise your goals and get your friends on-board to support you.

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