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Beefcake…. and rolling down hills

Posted on | January 21, 2010 | 1 Comment

This week I resumed land training for my Aussie paddling team…. and always trying my hardest to entertain I made the night a very memorable one for those that attended!

Our ‘Beefcake’ sessions take place at Fort Canning every Tuesday and Thursday and start off with a couple of laps of Fort Canning followed by a circuit of strength and resistance stations (push ups, chin ups, squats, dips and step-ups)

It was an ease back into it session with survival being our main aim.  The entertaining part of the night happened as I was attempting the step-ups onto the wall and had my back facing the very steep hill – on the step down I stumbled, lost my balance, did a backwards somersault and rolled down the hill.  I managed to grab onto the nearest fern to stop myself tumbling down the hill towards Clarke Quay.   A few scrapes and bruises later and an embarrassed pride I was retrieved from the bushes by Danny who was finding it hard to help me up the embankment due to the severity of his laughter.

“Well I can’t say  I’ve seen that happen before” – “Nat are you alright” – “You idiot” – “How did you manage that” – “Are you hurt” – “have you been drinking” is about all I could hear through the laughter – and for the rest of the night Danny sang the “humpty dumpty” nursery rhyme when I got to that station again!

Yet another lesson learnt the hard way – short people should not attempt steps ups onto a wall higher than their mid-thigh whilst on a slope with their back towards it.

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One Response to “Beefcake…. and rolling down hills”

  1. Bindu Saran
    February 27th, 2010 @ 11:05 pm

    Ha Ha …that is hilarious .. Will watch out for that !! 😀

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