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Nutrition Information: Beef Hor Fun

Beef Hor Fun

  Beef Hor Fun is a popular Singaporean meal coming from Cantonese origin.  It is made by stir-frying beef, wide rice noodles (hor fun), bean sprouts and black bean sauce. It comes in two varieties:  Dry-fried (fried without sauce) or Wet-fried (fried with a sauce).  Apparently the secret to cooking it successfully is that it must be […]

How are we going to reduce OBESITY if this is what people read online?

I regularly scout around on the internet to see what other experts are saying on-line for health tips and weight loss advice.  This morning I nearly choked on my coffee reading the ninemsn health & well-being section.  I’d like to claim the following statement:  WHAT I AM ABOUT TO BLOG ABOUT I FIND RIDICULOUSLY WRONG. […]

Paddling at Sentosa

Another great weekend of paddling at Sentosa for me! I arrived to my Outrigger training on Sunday hoping for an easier session as I was feeling a little…. well let’s just say ‘fragile’ – but that hope was soon squashed when I found out we’d be taking the OC1’s out.   I was a little […]

Nutrition Info: Murtabak


Murta-what? Never heard of Murtabak?  (Pronounced Mer-ta-buck) If you’re reading this from somewhere outside of Singapore/Malaysia then chances are you have no idea what I’m talking about. If you’ve never tried them they are fried  dough  filled with either chicken, mutton or sardines with egg, garlic, onion, vegetables  and curry.  It’s is folded into …

Beefcake…. and rolling down hills

This week I resumed land training for my Aussie paddling team…. and always trying my hardest to entertain I made the night a very memorable one for those that attended! Our ‘Beefcake’ sessions take place at Fort Canning every Tuesday and Thursday and start off with a couple of laps of Fort Canning followed by […]

The Biggest Loser Asia: Episode (no idea)

Caught the latest BLA episode last night….. in my opinion they just don’t get it.  Sigh. The blue team needed to win the weigh-in – so their trainer made them exercise for 8 hours each day…. a week later they all get on the scale and are devastated that they’ve all only lost 2kg each. […]

Post-Paddle Soreness…. Ouch!

I went a little crazy on the weekend… … after relaxing for 6 weeks over xmas / NY I decided to begin my paddling training with 4 sessions in one weekend. I knew I was going to be in a world of pain after the 3rd session on Saturday when I was aching just standing […]

Australia Day Celebrations

Meat pie - not enough sauce on this one I say!

January 26th is a special day in the heart of all Australians as we get a public holiday to celebrate the arrival of the first fleet hitting our shores. On the eve of Australia Day each year, the Prime Minister announces the winner of the Australian of the Year award, many newcomers choose to become Australian […]

Healthy Friday Night Pizzas!

Most die-hard dieters think ‘healthy’ and ‘pizza’ are about as compatible as oil and water!  It’s true that the average slice of pizza contains approximately 300 calories (yes…. I’m talking about just one wedge of pizza) – but when the pizza cravings hit it’s possible to create  a tasty, lower calorie and fat version in […]

Nutrition Facts: Capsicum

Colourful variety of Peppers

Also known as “Peppers” to some, are thick-fleshy fruit (yes… it’s a fruit because it has seeds), waxy skin and crunchy in texture.  Coming in many shapes, sizes and colours ranging from golden yellow, green, red, orange, purple and brown.  They also range in flavour from sweet to extremely hot!! They provide the body with a […]

New Year Resolutions for 2010

It’s a proven fact that if you write your goals down so you can see them – you’re more likely to achieve them.  I think of my New Year Resolutions as my goals for 2010.  Here goes: Use public transport more often in Singapore. Weights program 4 days at the gym each week I must […]

Plan ahead – Don’t get caught without a healthy snack

When you’re trying to manage your weight or stay healthy it’s accepted that we plan ahead for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner – but alot of people get caught out when they don’t plan a healthy snack or take ‘just incase’ snacks with them on an outing. For me – it’s shopping.  I always end up […]

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