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Dance off those Calories


Ok party people…. I know the weekend is nearly here so I thought I’d provide some comic relief in the proactive health care department!  Most of us throw buy antibiotics online care into the wind over the weekends as we laze on the couch, relax, socialise with friends, shop, eat, drink, eat, drink, eat, drink, […]

How to avoid getting a cold and improve your immunity

A solution for the never ending runny nose!

  It seems that everyone is coughing and sneezing in Singapore right now and it’s inevitable that as soon as one person in the office has it – then everyone gets it. Seeing as the common cold virus has up to 200 strains that are constantly changing and developing it makes it almost impossible for […]

Is Kopi C Kosong really healthier?

The local singaporean coffee (aka kopi) is delicious!  The brewed coffee is thick, strong and syrupy and is quite a sight watching the ‘baristas’ pour the brew between metal containers with a long spout without spilling a drop.   Initially I got a bit nervous on my first solo mission to purchase a kopi as […]

Calorie Swapping


Throughout the day we unknowingly take in alot of calories & sugar through the drinks we consume.  One of my personal habits is enjoying Latte’s or flat whites every day…. I keep it to only 1 per day about 4 days per week but for others enjoying more than that you could be “drinking yourself […]

Outrigger Paddling in Singapore


My newest love is paddling!  I love, love, love it.  After a long week at work there is nothing I look forward to more than hitting the water to paddle on the weekend.  Since buy medications moving to Singapore I initially joined the Aussie Dragon Boat Paddling team and hardly miss a session every weekend […]

The Health Benefits of Eating Protein

Sources of protein

First … for all you newbies out there – What is Protein?  (I just need to take you back to anatomy, physiology & chemistry for revision before we get to the fun stuff) Protein is a long train of amino acids (molecules) linked together. Protein has many different functions: They can provide structure (ligaments, fingernails, hair) […]

Why people fail to lose weight

Our lives have become more stressful, we sleep less, our energy output has dropped (more sedentary jobs & activities), socialising is associated with gluttony as we eat and drink like kings frequently.  So why is it that considering all of this – our energy or calorie input (food and drinks we consume) is higher than […]

Gong Xi Fa Cai !!

2010: Year of the Tiger

Gong Xi online pharmacy prescription Fa Cai !! – Happy New Year !!  

Latest Research: Childhood Obesity linked to watching junk food ads on TV

Childhood Obesity linked to junk food ads

  The association between television viewing and childhood obesity is directly related to children’s exposure to commercials that advertise unhealthy foods, according to a new UCLA School of Public Health study published in the American Journal of Public Health.   The study, conducted by Frederick J. Zimmerman and Janice F. Bell, is the first to break down the types […]

Latest Research: Study links sugary soft drinks to pancreas cancer

coke can Study links soda, pancreatic cancer

People who drink two or more sweetened soft drinks a week have a much higher risk of pancreatic cancer, an unusual shop drugs but deadly cancer, researchers reported on Monday. People who drank mostly fruit juice instead of sodas did not have the same risk, the study of 60,000 people in Singapore found. Sugar may […]

Chinese New Year Traditions

Yee Sang Prosperity Dish

As a westerner living in an asian country experiencing CNY for the first time is full of traditions and well… just really cool stuff.  2010 is the year of the Tiger!! Most of the city is decorated in red lanterns, cherry blossom flowers and everywhere you look there are Ang Pows (red packets).  You give […]

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