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Happy Easter – Don’t overindulge


Happy Easter!  I’m getting in early to wish everyone a healthy & happy long weekend.  However, be careful not to overindulge. Here’s a list of calories for popular Easter Eggs and easter treats. Easter Treat Size Calories Small solid milk chocolate egg 5g 20 Crunchie Easter Egg 100g 525 Kit Kat Chunky Easter Egg 100g […]

Trans Fat linked to Endometriosis

A recent Harvard study involving 70,000 women in America found that those with the highest consumption of trans fats were 48% more likely buy drugs online to develop endometriosis than those with the lowest consumption. Endometriosis affects nearly 1 in 10 ten women typically causing severe menstrual pain and in some cases infertility. Previous research […]

Trans fat: The Silent Killers

Artificial trans fats are (or hydrogenated fat) are made when hydrogen gas reacts with oil. The result is a stiffer fat that is much more convenient to be used by manufacturers.  Seems reasonable? Little did they know that a monster would be created for the sake of convenience. Trans fats are responsible for causing a […]

Visceral Fat – What is it?


Visceral Fat is scientifically known as abdominal fat, organ fat or intra-abdominal fat.  However most of you will be more familiar with Beer Gut, Beer Belly, Muffin Top, Love Handles, “Lovies” or Pot Belly.  All jokes aside – Visceral fat is actually a health risk.  This type of fat is located between internal organs and […]

Beginner Recipe #2: Healthy Low Fat Tuna Mornay

This healthy Low Fat meal serves up to 4 people – Enjoy! White Sauce: 2 teaspoons butter 1 teaspoon cornflour  (may need more) 2 cups low fat milk Other Ingredients: 1 x Large tin of Tuna in springwater (drained and roughly broken up) 1 x Large tin of chick peas, drained 1 x Large tin of […]

Nutrition Information: Fish Soup

Healthy Fish Soup

Here is one of the healthiest choices you can make when faced with the task of finding a low calorie, low fat meal at Singapore Hawker Centres.  FISH SOUP. But be careful – the healthiest version is the clear fragrant broth that has had fish bones boiling in it to produce the wonderful flavour and […]

88% of Soft Drinks removed from US Schools

Finally the ‘right’ people are making positive changes to combat childhood obesity. It was announced this week that over the last 5 years leading Soft Dink companies in the US have removed 88% of their products sold in schools. Full-calorie soft drinks have been replaced with lower-calorie, nutritious and smaller-portion choices such as low-fat milk, […]

Happy St Patricks Day – Don’t drink too much Guinness


Happy St Patty’s day – here’s an Irish Blessing for good health and long life for you all…….. May you live a long life Full of gladness and health, With a pocket full of gold As the least of you wealth. May the dreams you hold dearest, Be those which come true, The buy doxycycline […]

Nutrition Information: Nasi Lemak


Nasi Lemak is the national dish of Malaysia (that’s an unofficial statement!)  It’s available everywhere you look any time of the day – breakfast, second breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper – I think you get the picture!  Best of all, it’s extremely versatile and can be served with anything and everything from […]

Report: Cancer cases expected to double in 20 years

A Medical Expert Professor Graham Colditz has warned that AUSTRALIA could see the number of cancer cases double within 20 years if they don’t change poor lifestyle habits.   Presently 6500 cancer deaths a year (14% of men and 20% in women)  were due to excess weight and obesity.  “These cancer deaths could be avoided if […]

Beginner Recipe #1: Chicken Stir-fry


Ok… you can’t go too wrong if you follow my step-by-step instructions how to create a healthy & tasty stir-fry. These are the items you need to find before you start: Vegetables:  (Choose as many different colours as you can so it looks appealing)  i.e. Red Capsicum, Broccoli,  Beans, Carrot, Snow Peas, Mushrooms…. anything you […]

So You Think You Can Cook?

30 years ago it would have been ridiculous to even consider that someone didn’t know how to cook.  Everyone cooked at home, we learnt from our parents, many recipes had no written instructions or ingredients – they were simply handed down from generation to generation by helping prepare them, we learnt how to cook in […]

Do you burn more calories when it’s hot?

I was asked this question over 1 week ago – and my initial answer was – NO!  Because the body is designed to sweat which is an inbuilt temperature regulator to stop our body from overheating.  Our circulating blood also travels to the surface of our body to cool down before returning to vital organs […]

How to calculate calorie expenditure correctly

How many calories you burn depends on the whether you’re male or female, the intensity, the muscles used and duration of the activity. I often forget to mention these things when writing about how many calories I personally use up during activities.  So it’s only fair to write a disclaimer about the important things to […]

Obama has High Cholesterol – The Silent Killer

Even the US president can’t hide from health problems – he’s recently found out in his annual check up that his LDL (bad) Cholesterol has crept up to high levels. It’s been reported he will be saying “No, I won’t” to dessert and high-fat foods to reduce his LDL levels,  White House spokesman Robert Gibbs […]

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