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Eating Out Tips: Part 2

Posted on | November 8, 2009 | No Comments

More helpful tips to win the fight against fat and eating out.

Choose Lean Meat Dishes: You are much better having a piece of grilled steak than creamy pasta. Try to avoid deep fried cuts of meat such as chicken wings.  Look for words on the menu like steamed, poached, roasted, broiled, boiled, grilled or baked.  And trim all the visible fat off your meat (as tasty as it may be, that is pure artery clogging stuff)

Fish is best: Try to choose fish dishes as they are typically lower in calories and packed with other health promoting effects like Omega-3.

Choose a healthy base: For lower calories choose a clear broth base for soups, tomato based pasta sauces, any meals that have vegetables as the base such as salad (watch the sauce though) and avoid cheese laden anything.

Ask for Take-away: Or da-bao if you’re in Singapore-lah.  No need to eat for the sake of eating.  Take the rest of your yummy meal home and enjoy tomorrow.

Avoid Buffets: As strong willed and determined as you are to lose weight – facing a buffet is tough work.  I find avoiding them is best.  There is truly no need to eat that much food, or even see that much food.  The more we see, the more we want to eat.  Don’t think it’s value for money to be able to eat that much food – Buffets need to phased out as far as I’m concerned.

Have a healthy pre-dinner snack: Try not to attend dinner ravenous or alot of damage could be done.  Have a few cherry tomatoes or apple before you go to avoid blowing the calorie budget.

Manage your calorie deposits: On a day when you know you’re eating out that night, make sure your other meals throughout the day are small and low in calories.

Share Meals: Sharing a meal means half the calories.  If the urge for dessert won’t pass, try to always share with a friend.

Wait 20 minutes after your meal before ordering Dessert: The brain needs a little extra time to catch up to your stomach.  Allow yourself to really know if you are full or not.

Choose healthy dessert options: Sorbet, fresh berries, fruit is a much better option than pastries, cakes and ice-cream. Remember to share!

Choose whole grains: Opt for whole-wheat bread, tortillas and pasta, brown rice they tend to be low GI and lower in calories.

Just drink water: It saves an unbelievable amount of calories if you are happy to just drink water when you’re out.  If that’s too boring choose tea, soda or mineral water before taking sugary soft drinks, juices and other sweetened beverages.

Limit Alcohol: The average glass of wine contains approximately 120 calories, beer 150 calories and the average cocktail is close to 200 calories.  Liquid Calories full of sugar that go straight to the spare tyre around your waist.  Save those additional calories for food or best of all, avoid them all together.

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