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How to consume less calories at your meals

Yes you can!This advice is really simple and works! To ensure you don’t over consume calories that your body really doesn’t need follow these rules. This is how you’ll be able to better manage your weight for life: 1. Eat slowly 2. Put your utensils down between mouthfuls 3. Don’t begin loading your next mouthful of …Read more […]

The Biggest Loser Asia: Episode 3

I’m going to have another whinge about last nights episode. (Maybe I should give up watching) This time I’m going to have a whinge about the weigh in and scales. There were a number of contestants that had much smaller weight loss on the scales from the previous week and one person unfortunately didn’t lose anything. You can see it on their faces and I can completely empathise with how they feel considering they’ve worked their butts off all week for little to no results. WHICH IS WHY – WEIGHT MANAGEMENT IS ABOUT MORE THAN WHAT YOU WEIGH ON A SET OF SCALES, it’s about your body shape, composition and function.

Outrigger Racing at Sentosa

Took part in my 1st outrigger race at Sentosa. The first race was a 12 km race the length of the island, up and around a few buoys. We got off to a bad start as we got sandwiched inbetween the other Aussie boat and the rookies. The rookies should have moved over to give us some more room – but with currents & waves & rookie drivers – it ended up in a little bit of a crash. Later in the afternoon we then did Mixed team race. I guess the best way to describe it was like a relay.


I have mixed emotions about episode 2. As an exercise physiologist I saw a few negatives in the show that highlight what not to do if you’re trying to lose weight. I’m sure they have a strong team of medics available to attend to the contestants and of course they have to dramatise things so the show is watchable – but here are some negative things that stuck out for me:

Nutrition Info: Calories in Hainanese Chicken Rice

The Famous Chicken RiceThere is no doubt that Singapore has a diverse and delicious range of food and for Singaporeans, eating is a way of life.  A typical greeting is “Have you taken your lunch yet?” or “Lets go makan”.  For newbies to the country it can be quite overwhelming and it’s expected that you sample your way […]

Rum Balls & Apricot Balls – Merry Christmas!!

Rum Balls & Apricot BallsWell it’s nearly that time of year again…….. and I’m not necessarily referring to Santa Claus arriving – I’m referring to the pain staking task of making Rum Balls & Apricot Balls.  All too fast I forget about gummy apricots, how long it takes to chop them, hours of rolling them into little balls, sticky […]

Singaporean Chilli Crab

IMGP0432The number one thing you must eat in Singapore is Chilli Crab. Uniquely Singaporean, there are many variations of preparation including Steamed, Black Pepper, Butter and Breaded but in my humble opinion Chilli is the best. Look in any cookbook at the recipe and you’ll find that the tangy gravy base is made simply from a bottle of tomato sauce and sweet chilli sauce. Considering one tablespoon of these sugar laden sauces contain about 50 calories, this is yet another calorie loaded Singapore meal.

Read more to find out The Health Guru’s advice how to stop weight gain when eating Chilli Crab.

How Food IS Killing You: Sugar (Sucrose)

Sugar Sugar SugarI’m about to tell you something a little controversial.  I believe that sugar is the most crippling ‘drug problem’ that the world is currently facing.  Yes – I did say drug.  Why?  Because as the world is now flooded with pre-packaged / manufactured foods and drinks containing mountains of sugar –  the harmful effects are […]

The Biggest Loser Asia: Episode 1

Well I’m sorry to say that I only caught the last 20 minutes of the first episode of The Biggest Loser Asia (already set my alarm for next week) – but my friend ‘K’ has filled me in. She mentioned that the trainers placed a ‘healthy, portion controlled meal’ in front of the contestants and […]

How Food IS Killing You: Fast Food

This shows you how McDonalds fries don4 Year Old McDonalds Cheeseburger Click on this link to see a short video of what has happened to a 4 Year Old McDonalds Cheeseburger.  It’s completely amazing.  If anyone eats fast food thinking it’s ‘real’ and nutritious for them – can you imagine what is happening inside their body? Super Size Me Clip Click […]

How Food IS Killing you: Trans fat

Food Containing Trans fatWhat are trans fats? Trans fat is the common name for unsaturated fat with trans-isomer fatty acid(s) Where are they found? Trans fats can be natural or artificial. Small amounts of trans fat occur naturally in beef and dairy foods. Artificial trans fats are made when hydrogen gas reacts with oil. They can be found […]

Eating Out Tips: Part 2

More helpful tips to win the fight against fat and eating out healthily.

Eating Out Tips: Part 1

Eating out for most people is a way of life and something we often can’t avoid. However, when it comes to managing your weight, there is no need to lock yourself up in your house or change jobs when it comes to avoid eating out – it’s just about making smart decisions and at all times never, never, never give up the fight against fat. Here is a combined list of recommendations to my fellow weight warriors:

Durian – The King Of Fruit

DurianSmell aside, Durian is not known as the king of fruit for nothing. It is a weight-watchers nightmare. The creamy flesh inside this spiky hard covered fruit is loaded with calories. 1 medium size fruit contains about 650 calories (equivalent to a whole plate of chicken rice). It’s also one of the only fruits that contains a substantial amount of fat.

The Party Walk

Since moving to Singapore and initially having no friends, I used to escape my boredom in the evenings by walking around the happening night spots around town. This became really fun because you can see everything that’s going on, walk past all the restaurants, clubs, bars, cafes, and events – so it actually feels like you’re right there enjoying the fun and shenanigans. But really, you’re just out enjoying an evening stroll and burning off calories. Honestly, you are completely distracted by the people, music, noise, lights, buskers in the tunnels, laughter, conversations, trying not to bump in to the super slow walkers, dodging drunk people, avoiding stumbling on a paver then before you know it you’ve walked for over an hour. It’s honestly too easy. One hour of walking for me burns off about 300 calories! THE PARTY WALK!

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