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“Thanks for noticing b****”

Posted on | March 12, 2012 | No Comments

"Thanks for noticing b****"

“Thanks for noticing b###h” was part of the response straight from the mouth of  famous chef and war against obesity campaigner Jamie Oliver when asked if he’d gained alot of weight recently!

I had the biggest laugh over this because:

  • I love Jamie Oliver
  • I wish I had guts to say that to someone in a media interview
  • How many times have I thought the same and bitten my tongue instead of blurting that statement out
  • And finally… Jamie, Jamie, Jamie – You HAVE noticeably gained weight

Dear Jamie, If you’re out there being an ambassador to healthy eating and fighting obesity, then I’m sorry but you have to lead by example. Yes you’re a chef and have to sample food alot, and you like a few beers – but you have to show that you can do all of that and manage you’re weight if you’re telling other people to.  You’re destined for scrutiny if you can’t. As the saying goes: What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.  Regards, Health Guru.

But seriously, how many of you out there have had a couple of bad months (for whatever reason) and gained a few kgs/lbs. And then some smarty pants comments about “How healthy you look”, “You must be living the good life recently” or “Wow, you’ve put on weight”  – don’t you feel like answering with “Thanks for noticing <insert expletive here>”

Everybody’s human. We all go up or down by a few kgs/lbs week to week, depending on circumstance.  But, when we don’t take action and rescue ourselves or get back on track again as soon as possible that’s when there’s a problem!  Before you know it you’ll be off to the store to buy the next size up clothing.  Eeek……

Remember you are what you eat!

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