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The Health Guru a.k.a.  Natalie Black                               Contact:  HealthGuruSg<at>

BSpExSci   –  Bachelor Of Sport & Exercise Science,  James Cook University, Australia.

A Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science is a highly regarded qualification for the purpose of managing human health through exercise and nutrition.  It is an intense human science degree  with a focus on the bodys adaptions to exercise and musculoskeletal and physiological changes during exercise.  Those that complete this degree practice as ‘Exercise Physiologists’ after accreditation and registration with governing bodies.

Natalie is an accredited Exercise Physiologist with a career spanning 12 years in the industries of nutrition, weight management, fitness, health promotion and clinical disease prevention.

Natalie began her career instructing Clinical Pilates and providing Exercise Prescription for rehabilitation of injury and weight management to celebrities, professional athletes, sporting teams and the general public.  Her list of accolades include extensive certifications in Clinical Pilates, Pilates Matwork, Reformer, Trapeze, Thoracic Barrel, Ball and Band modalities, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Personal Trainer, Gym and Group Fitness  Trainer.

Developing a passion for health development in youth, Natalie opened a successful Children’s Health & Fitness Studio in Queensland, 2005 – 2007.

She went on to take a lead role in introducing a new weight management system across Australia.  In her role as National Trainer she developed and presented learning and development courses in Diet, Nutrition & Lifestyle Intervention for Weight Management and Proactive Health Care.

Her successes in this role lead to an expatriate posting to Singapore in 2008 to continue her career within the industry of Proactive Health Care and Weight Management. As Head of Communications and Clinical Operations for a Healthcare company,  Natalie has formed associations and bonds with key opinion leaders, doctor, specialists and other health professionals to be recognised as a senior specialist within her field.

Her knowledge, advice and health tips are highly sought after with regular appearances on radio, television, newspaper and magazine interviews.  She hosts Proactive Health Care forums, presentations and health talks whilst also providing professional advice to well-known weight loss centres in Singapore.

As you know, she is also the proud owner and author of this health and nutrition blog.  The blog has grown since its inception in 2009.  In 2010, The Health Guru blog was nominated in the top 10 finalist of the Singapore Blog Awards: Most Insightful Blog Category and was more recently nominated in Best Weight Loss Blogs in 2012.

As well as reading this blog for helpful tips, Natalie is available for online nutrition counseling.  Her plans will provide 1-on-1 assistance to achieve your goals and can be conducted in the comfort of your home at your leisure.  Please contact for further information.

If you are interested in Natalie attending your school, workplace, corporate function, training facility or other to learn more about Proactive Health Care please contact her at: HealthGuruSg<at>

What else does Natalie get up to?  Here’s some other funny facts about her life:

  • I’m ridiculously in love with Dragonboat paddling and Outrigger canoeing
  • I run 25km per week (maybe more)
  • My least favourite exercise is the plank
  • As much as I try, I just can’t do a chin up  🙁
  • I’m slightly obsessed with Belgium beer
  • I adore cooking however I don’t own a measuring cup
  • I didn’t taste my first cheeseburger until I was 19
  • I think Jamie Oliver is cool
  • I HATE mango
  • My favourite food to eat in Singapore is Thunder Tea Rice
  • I prefer to be outdoors, in the sun, water and breeze
  • I’ve been all kinds of fat and skinny in my life (from 48kg up to 60kg)
  • I have an underactive thyroid (so that means I have to try extra hard to manage my weight)


Outrigger Canoeing in Singapore (that’s me in the yellow cap)


Update 2016: I’ve recently gone through the life changing event of having my first child.  Needless to say I haven’t had much time to write or even think for that matter.  I’m in the process of rescuing myself mentally, physically and emotionally and hope to channel my inner health guru once again.

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