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2017 – your new clean slate


I like the idea of a fresh note pad, fresh sheets, a new hair cut, new car, new baby. There’s something wonderful about starting something new, clean and fresh. We are 3 days in to the new year – you can really leave 2016 behind and start anew.  What are you going to change?  Just […]

In the BOX – Cool Health Products delivered to your doorstep

I came across this quite cool business idea to sample and trial healthy and natural products that I otherwise may never get to know about it. A very decent range of hand-selected products are hand delivered to your door. So I went ahead and gave it a go! When I received my intheBOX delivery, I […]

Merry Christmas!

Healthy Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ….. Take a break, eat well & catch whatever exercise you can (as little or as much as possible).  Relax and get ready for a new year to start soon.  

Active Wear….

Inspirational Tank Tops & Shorts. My personal active wear style.

I must admit I absolutely hate wearing skin tight lycra pants or tops to exercise in. I admire women that do, but I personally feel so self conscious that it deters me from exercising. How can I run if I’m worrying about my butt jiggling? ………………. Am I the only one? Hahaha Instead you will […]

Reviewing my 2013 New Year Resolutions:

I took a look back at last years NY resolutions and wanted to give you an update of how I went: Year 2013 resolutions: 1.       The year of the Chin Up:  Work towards doing at least 1 chin up (how… consistent weights program at the gym)  What really happened:  Nope……. No Chin up and very inconsistent weights […]

SINGAPORE DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL 2012: Bronze! National Championship Mixed – Open Category

Bronze!!!  3rd place in the Open National Championship Mixed 22crew.  Great job Austcham Paddle Club!

Singapore Dragon Boat Festival 2012: GOLD! International business houses race (Aka. the expat race)

Well done Austcham Paddle Club – day 1, 1 GOLD! The only team to have 2 boats in the grand final – bringing home GOLD for the A Boat and 5th / 7th for the B Boat. Let’s do it all again tomorrow…

Singapore Dragonboat Festival – 30th June / 1st July – Bedok 800 metre race

Austcham Paddle Club have trained solidly for 8 weeks in the lead up to the 800 metre race at Bedok, 2012.  The  team are quite fit and paddling well together considering the DBS Regatta was only a few weeks ago in May. Over the last 8 weeks there’s been beefcake, milkshake, time trials, Hellweek and of […]

The Healthy Heart Challenge – Australia

I’m really proud of my MUM for signing up to The Healthy Heart Challenge in Australia.  This is part of the Heart Foundation Go Red for Women campaign to help raise awareness that heart disease, which is the No. 1 killer of Australian women. There are four goals to choose from in the Healthy Heart […]

Are you having a heart attack – Signs and Symptoms

Very sadly, I personally know two people that have dropped dead from a heart attack in the last week.   No chance for good-byes …… just gone …… in the age group of late 50’s to 60’s – and to be truthful, that really scares me (and hopefully scares you too) Heart Disease is a LIFESTYLE […]

Correct hydration in hot temperatures – ie. Singapore

Last weekend was the HOTTEST weekend in Singapore that I can remember having in a loooooong time.  And, as chances would have it, it was the weekend that I completed four paddling training sessions in the boiling hot sun. It is truly no exaggeration when I tell you this – one of my dragon boating […]

DBS Marina Regatta – Day 2 (500 metres)

Day 2 at the DBS Marina Bay Regatta was just as action packed as the first. I think i’ll keep it short and sweet because the results didn’t exactly pan out the way the aussie team wanted.  We tied for 1st place for the overall weekend, but due to time constraints we were not permitted […]

DBS Marina Bay Regatta – Austcham Paddle Club

Here we are…. complete with our cute doggy mascots Billy and Abby.  Aussie Aussie Aussie – Oi Oi Oi !!  Austcham Paddle Club.

DBS Marina Regatta – Day 1 (200 metres)

Saturday 5th May was Day 1 of the DBS Marina Bay Dragon Boat Regatta.  This is the 1st year the event has been organized and set in the gorgeous Marina Bay.  DBS are sponsoring this international race and teams have attended from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and of course Singapore.  The most exciting part […]

Nature’s Bakes – healthy, home-baked cakes and goodies

For all of you health conscious people out there in Singapore, here’s a company where you can buy healthy, home-baked cakes and goodies that are packed with nutrient rich ingredients.  The bakers are producing gluten free / grain free / dairy free, naturally sweetened goodies.  I personally think this is a great idea, they are proving […]

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