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    • Guest_3157 : Hi, with regards to the recent post about the nutrition of the calories applicable to the lao ban beancurd as well? Because the normal type of hawker beancurds and the laoban ones are apparently different, the latter is more like a soy "pudding"? So would the calories be the same? Or rather, what would be the calories of the laoban beancurd if it's not the same? Thank you
    • Guest_441 : Binge eating on weekend.. anyone experience that too? Health guru, any tips on that? :/
    • Guest_3359 : Hi health guru, my question is short.. But it's related to a controversial topic. My question is: calorie counting or intuitive eating? Calorie counting makes me feel like I'm obsessing over food all the time, but it motivates me to exercise when I can see the numbers. However, calorie counting is quite hard with Chinese food/local fare.. As for intuitive eating, I don't really know how to recognize hunger signals that well.. But I definitely feel more carefree! Thanks for your help :)
    • Health Guru : @Guest:193/4970: Can you please email me at healthgurusg<at> I'd like to answer you in more depth. Thanks.
    • Guest_4970 : Hi health guru, thx for the reply( I'm guest_193 fyi)Regarding about what I consumed daily includes 3 egg whites, 3 serving of fruits, and 2-3 servings of boiled vegetables. What must I do to be able to eat normally again without the extra weight gain? Thank you, and appreciate a lot for your reply!
    • Guest_4486 : Hi Healthguru, I read your the post on Mr Bean Pancake. U mention that we should not snack on biscuits... but how about those Jacob Cream cracker that claim that they contain Wheat which r nutritional.
    • Guest_1538 : What's the diff in calories when choosing 100, 70 or 30% sugar level in milk teas? Thanks
    • Belle : Hi! Hope you can also feature the nutri facts of the popular gastronomia menu items. Thx in advance!
    • Milk tea addict : Hi health guru :) how many calories are there in a cup of gongcha milk tea/ milk green tea/ taro milk without pearls at 30% sugar? And how many calories are there in steam cakes at bakeries? :)
    • Health Guru : Waffles: remember that's an estimate - you don't know how much extra sugar or butter is put into a mixture - so remember to plus/minus this!
    • Health Guru : re: waffles nutrition. Please type in 'waffles' in the search box and you'll see the nutrition for waffles! That's for a waffle about 16cm in diameter.
    • Guest_2969 : Hi! Just saw some tapioca being sold at isetan. Is it healthy? Or sweet potato is better?
    • Guest_2187 : I mean beancurd, not branches. (autocorrect fail)
    • Guest_2187 : Thanks for the branches post, glad to know cos I usually buy it plain! @guest2187 plain waffle 260, waffle with peanut butter or chocolate is 460-500.
    • Guest_2187 : Calories in waffles sold at bakery? Thanks! :)
    • Guest_2899 : *736 calories
    • Guest_2899 : Hi healthguru. I read your chicken rice post too and the calories don't quite seem to tally, considering that there are 4 calories per gram of protein/carbo, and 9 cal per gram of fat. If the stats you provided are correct, then there shld be 340 calories from protein and carbs, and 396 from fat which adds up to 706 calories? Pls advise
    • Fullofstops : Hi Healthguru, thanks for replying... Then, I should stop eating chicken rice!!. Another question, which part of the dish has higher concentration of fat? the chicken (With the skin on) or the rice itself, If so, how much for the oil soaked rice and the chicken (with skin)
    • Health Guru : Re: Chicken Rice - 44g of fat is quite right in my opinion. 5g of fat = 1 teaspoon of butter / lard Just for the sake of this let’s just say I quote 45g of fat. 45/5 = 9 teaspoons of lard in chicken rice. That’s approximately 3 tablespoons of oil. Please go and take a look a the amount of FAT IN CHICKEN SKIN plus the fact that the rice is cooked with all that chicken fat and soaks it up. I am almost sure that my version with 44g of fat is quite accurate. I can guarantee you that there is
    • Fullofstops : Hi Health Guru, regarding your hainanese chicken rice post on the nutritional fact, it shows 600 odd calories for 300 odd grams portion, 22 odd protein, 44g of fat but then other popular websites such as livestrong,nutri shows that the fat is around 23 odd grams for roughly the same amount of portion, is there a mistake in yr nutritional fact (maybe 24 odd grams) or your facts may be correct? I am not very sure about it. Not that I doubt your information (I have been following your blog f
    • Fullofstops : Hi Healthguru,
    • Guest_3755 : seeing past posts, i'm also interested in the number of calories in a bowl of laoban beancurd original!
    • Guest_1007 : Hi guru, I would like to know if there's a maximum consumption per day for nutrient such as protein/carbohyd rate/fibre/chole sterol/fat etc.? And if there is, how much should we limit ourselves/day? Hope you will answer my queries. Thanks for providing important and useful health information all the while! (:
    • Guest_1082 : Hi guru, I have been reading your blog and the information are very useful especially those local delights!!:) After reading the post on waffle, may I ask what about those waffle sold at those bakery shop?? Thank You in advance!!
    • Guest_193 : Hi, i have been limiting my calories for quite some time but didn't see any change to my weight. Now that I want to change for the better, as in having a balanced diet but I am scared that I might gain when I am not even losing. Pls help ;(
    • Guest_4486 : It's the overall calories tht are more important. 1000 calories of lowfat food is just as bad as 1000 cal of oily fried food! (in terms of impact on your weight)
    • Guest 001 : Hi there! This question may sound silly but I've to ask! An example i'll use: fishball noodle soup & a plate of mixed veggie(no deep fried entree) rice with VERY llittle rice. Fishball soup definitely seems healthier but it's filled with carbs? Mixed veggie rice is definitely more oily but carbs is much lesser too? So which is better? Please help!;)
    • Health Guru : THANKS!
    • jenna-knee : just discovered your blog and love it! especially like the article on how to say "no lard" and healthy hawker foods. thanks so much!
    • Guest_3074 : How much calories are there in Gongcha Milk tea with HERBAL JELLY 50% sugar? Thanks =)
    • Guest_2554 : Hi, i refer to your article on indigestion. I often get this gastric ache.. even though I have my 3 regular meals and a snack (3 pieces of cream biscuits) before dinner. Why is it that i would still get the gastric ache? Im puzzled. If i visit the doc, they would probably prescribe antacid pill for me. Pls advise!
    • Esbeth : This is very helpful :)
    • Guest_2728 : Hi healthguru, do you happen to know if the calories vary among different varieties of the same fruit, per 100g? E.g. Fuji apple vs Pacific Rose apple, Korean strawberries vs US ones, Chinese pear vs western pears, Navel orange vs blood orange etc... or are they just all basically the same? Your expertise would be much appreciated :)
    • Guest_4396 : Agree! Sounds like an interesting topic. I also read somewhere before that the best time to start a new diet is like on the first few days on/after the menstrual period (can't remember exactly tho)!
    • Guest_4126 : Hi, Guru, this might sounds wierd, but could you please help to explain the impact of female menstruation cycle on energy consumption, calorie burning and metabolism?? I resently read somewhere that female might comsume up to 300 more calories per day before and during their period; meanwhile we also have crazy cravings. would be great to control/regulate the diet and workout during that period of time
    • Guest_4412 : Hey, I was just wondering - when you state the nutrition info in foods, do you actually buy it and test it with special equipment, or are they just estimates from the ingredients?
    • Guest_3291 : Hi Heathguru! do you know the calorie count for lao ban tau huey? and also the beancurd tarts from le confectionary? A million thanks!
    • Guest_2575 : It's all good for the silver, because it makes us angry... and we are scary when we are angry!!~ watch out of Aussies for the next big race people!! --alicia
    • Guest_3574 : 's waiting for the yogurt post:) sorry for the double post!
    • Guest_1944 : how about including other yogurt chains too, e.g. Sogurt, Yigloo, Yogurt place, Yoguru, Sour Sally (wisma atria) which has flavours like chocolate.. Since stores such as Yami yogurt already display nutrition info at their stores while other brands do not! And they all have varying tartness/creamin ess/iciness/swee tness too so the calories are definitely not the'd be really great have a comparison of froyo across the various brands! I'm not the same person btw, just another reader who'
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