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San Fran Bans Happy Meals!

Posted on | November 8, 2010 | No Comments

San Francisco, USA is taking a stand against rising childhood obesity rates by banning restaurants to give away toys with unhealthy meals.

From December 2011, any meal that contains more than 602 calories  (2520 Kilojoules) with the food and drink combined will not be able to have a give away toy –also- if the meal has more than 35% of the calories coming from fat a toy will also be banned.

Who does this affect:  All of the fast food chains of course that cleverly market this to children.

Happy Meal Toys

Happy Meal Toys

For example: McDonalds. A cheeseburger happy meal contains 655 calories and 6 Nugget happy meal contains 680 calories which makes this new law directly affect them.

In my opinion, I think this is a great start towards making change for our children. However I think that the cut-off of 602 calories is far too high.  I would make it 400 calories per meal which is approximately one-third of your required daily energy intake.  I definitely applaud this stand and can’t wait for it to become a world wide trend.

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