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Know your portion sizes

Posted on | November 11, 2010 | No Comments

It’s time to get serious about portion size.  Many of us overestimate what portions are correct to eat for our body.  When we eat larger than needed – we become larger! More fat is stored, the scales get heavier, our clothes get tighter and it’s easier to suffer from health problems.

We will start with CARBOHYDRATES.

It’s not OK to sit down to a huge, overloaded plate of carbohydrates.  No, No, No.  This is far too much. Carbohydrates should never be the only thing on your plate – they should always be a side portion.

What is the correct portion of Carbohydrates?

Clenched fist = 1 cup

Clenched fist = 1 cup

Make a fist with your hand.  A fist portion is approximately 1 cup.  (For men with big hands – down size slightly).  Limit the carbohydrates on your plate to 1 cup or 1 fist size.  You can also use a tennis ball as a portion reference.

Before we go any further – just in case you’ve forgotten – Carbohydrates are:  Bread, pasta, noodles, rice, potato, pumpkin. Starchy vegetables are high in carbs too such as carrot, corn, peas.  Don’t forget that sugar / honey are carbohydrates and of course fruit is too.

1 tennis ball = correct portion

1 tennis ball = correct portion

When you make a change to start eating this correct portion of carbohydrates – to make sure you feel full fill the rest of your plate with salad or leafy green vegetables.

Why are carb portions grossly overestimated and provided in most meals:

Carbs are cheap.  It’s so much easier for you to fill up on bread, rice, noodles, pasta, potato than compared to lean meat and vegetables.

Restaurants make more money.  Yes – they fill your plate up with big portions of carbohydrates as they are cheap therefore bigger profit margins for them.

Little awareness:  Not too often your parents or guardians will know or guide you to eat smaller portion of carbohydrates.

So, make the change and notice the difference.

What you should notice when you eat this correct portion of carbohydrates:

  • Your waist line should shrink
  • You should lose weight
  • You won’t feel tired and lethargic
  • You will have more energy
  • Your need to snack on sweets will reduce
  • You shouldn’t feel as hungry
  • Concentrate better

This small change will make a big difference.

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