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Dragon Boating: American Thanksgiving Challenge

Posted on | December 8, 2009 | No Comments

I took part in my 1st Thanksgiving Challenge over the weekend.  A ‘fun’ race was organised in Kallang River where we had to paddle through a set course with stations to complete succesfully in order to collect letters to spell our T.U.R.K.E.Y  (now I say ‘fun’ as I’m sure it’s supposed to mean we’re less competitive – but there wasn’t a single person there that was taking it easy!!)

The 7km course was quite tiring and there were reports that a number of people had to pull their paddles in and have a break (I wouldn’t know as I was sitting up the front and didn’t dare stop).  I unfortunately had to complete the pie eating station.  It meant a run up the beach to find a piece of green pandan cake with a pile of whipped cream on top. I had to eat the whole cake without using my hands – I sincerely hope there are no photos of that as there was cream everywhere and I’m sure I munched down a bit of paper napkin as well.

Our boat came in 5th out of 8 boats that took part. It was a really great event & a nice way to wind down the end of the paddling season even if I am still choking on that pandan cake.

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